Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas Using Influencers

Valentine’s Day marketing campaign in thailand

Christmas and the New Year are over, which means brands should gear up for the next big annual event, Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a global celebration of love and commercialism. Despite its romantic root, Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns brings forth significant commercial value for shoppers, brands, and retailers alike worldwide.

Especially for brands, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days early in the year. Since Valentine’s Day has become commercialized, it offers a great opportunity for brands to profit. People spend large amounts of money to shop for friends, family, lovers, pets, and even for themselves. Hence, many brands come up with marketing ideas every year to attract attention and increase sales during this holiday season. 

However, Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns are no longer just about good pictures and cheesy posts. In order to make the marketing campaigns successful, brands should understand that the audience needs more than that. This article will give you some helpful tips for your Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns, so you can attract a target audience and boost sales.

Influencer Marketing for Valentine’s Day Campaigns 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to promote your brands and products. However, not all brands can easily achieve successful outcomes. It requires a powerful marketing strategy to take advantage of this holiday, and the key is to collaborate with influencers.

Including Thailand, influencer marketing has become an essential strategy of modern businesses’ marketing worldwide. Today, many consumers are highly engaged with influencers. They have the strength to make consumers fall in love with your brand, furthermore, significantly impact consumers’ purchasing decisions as well. 

For your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, influencers are perfect complements to attract an audience and promote your brands. They can help reach your target customers and impact shoppers to purchase your products in most efficient ways. Valentine’s Day has become a commercial holiday. Influencer marketing will provide the opportunity that brands can get the most out of their Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns. Therefore, this method is one of the most effective marketing strategies for this holiday campaign.  

Best Tips and Ideas To Scale Up Your Valentine’s Day  Campaigns Using Influencers        

Collaborating with influencers during this holiday season must be well planned and scheduled in advance. Brands should take time into account to find the right influencers who share the same values as your brand. Once you have the right influencers to work with, now plan for how to utilize them in your Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns.

Launch Special Valentine’s Day Interactive Events on Social Media

Launching interactive events are the perfect way to achieve greater reach and generate participation with the audience. These types of actions are effective in dramatically boosting your engagement on social media. A creative Valentine’s Day contest, game or poll will make people would like to be included in your marketing campaign. Their participation in the campaign not only will lead to high engagement, but will also increase brand recognition and sales. These special Valentine’s Day interactive activities provide the audience the chance to pitch in and have a voice regarding the brand. 

Launching a Poll

Polls allow you to ask your target customers a specific question and see the results in real time.  Launching a Valentine’s Day poll is an effective engaging way to connect with your target customers and get more conversations. For instance, running a poll asking customers’ purchase behaviors can enable brands to learn more about their thoughts on their Valentine’s Day spending. Based on the result, you can promote your brands and products with respect to your target customers’ preferences. 

Launching a Contest

When launching a contest, brands should think of ways to launch a contest that can keep people entertained, engaged, and empowered to speak up. Brands can think of different types of contests for their Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns. For instance, they can ask people to post photos or short videos of themselves interacting with the brands’ products or services. Using the love theme of Valentine’s Day, launching Storytelling Contest or Love Letter Contest are also a great contest idea. You can ask people to share their love stories or write love letters to their partners in order to win the prize. This approach can efficiently keep people entertained and interested in your brand.

Launching a Game 

A battle format game is a great method to engage with the target audience. Using binary questions such as ‘yes/no’ or ‘like/hate’, brands can organize a battle game between different brands, products, and services. Brands can add all the categories they want to propose to their target customers. At the end of the game, participants can express themselves, and brands can collect accurate information about their target customers’ tendencies.   

Brands can make the influencers join these interactive events and share it with their followers. Influencers’ involvement will let your marketing campaign reach a very large number of target audiences and high participation. It also creates brand loyalty.    

Run Valentine’s Day Promotion on Special Edition Products  

Customers are more likely to purchase brands’ unique offerings for such special occasions than on other ordinary days. Thus, Valentine’s day is the best time to promote your brand’s special edition products and make their customers feel valued.  

Offer Limited Edition Products 

When a product is a limited edition, it seems more valuable. This strategy is often used by brands to increase demands. For customers who want something extraordinary for this special holiday, they will be attracted to Valentine’s Day exclusive products. Providing these customers with limited edition products for a limited time can encourage them to make impulse purchasing decisions. They will want to make purchases before they lose their opportunity. Thus, it offers your brands and products excellent Valentine’s Day purchase ideas.    

Offer New Products for Valentine’s Day 

Launching new products during this holiday season will attract the attention of customers who are looking for holiday gifts. Offering something new can provide both current and new customers a more unique holiday memory. 

However, it doesn’t always necessarily have to be entirely new. Launching a whole new product line is a great strategy, nevertheless, it takes significant time and money. Instead, brands can fulfill the customers’ needs and wants by adding something new to their current repertoire. One way is to add a collection to their best selling products. A brand’s best selling products are their top assets. Creating different versions or designs of current best selling products will considerably attract customers’ attention and interest. Moreover, it can also minimize the risk of facing sluggish sales.

Themed Packagings 

Changing up your current products’ packaging is another option. For those who don’t want to spend time and money on releasing any new products for this holiday, this is for you. This is a simple and cute way to utilize this special holiday as an opportunity to promote their brands and products. Transforming your current packaging into Valentine’s Day-themed ones is an easy eye-catching way to make your customers purchase your products. No matter what your brands’ products are, you can increase sales by adding something holiday-related into the packaging.      

Influencer Marketing to Promote Special Edition Products

Brands should consider collaborating with famous influencer couples on social media to promote their Valentine’s Day-themed special offerings. Many couples celebrate this holiday by trading gifts with their partners. People often look for inspiration through social media to get their partners a present. For this reason, collaborating with influencer couples during this season can critically impact couple consumers’ product purchase decisions. Influencers can help you with creating content about your brand and product. They can create brand endorsement content such as product recommendations, reviews, or tutorial videos, and share it with their followers.   

Don’t Forget About Singles

Valentine’s Day is often recognized as a celebration for couples. However, don’t forget the day is not just for couples. A significant number of people buy gifts for anyone special in their life, and some of them shop for themselves as well. Even if people have no romantic relationships with anyone and themselves, they still celebrate the day in their own ways.     

Marketing Campaign for Self Love

Many brands utilize the typical romantic love theme of Valentine’s Day for their marketing campaigns. However, this approach is not easy to satisfy customers who are single. Since the self-love social movement is on the rise, launching a Valentine’s Day self-love campaign is definitely a chance for brands. If your brand’s products are not on the romantic side, this is an even better strategy to use. 

Brands can develop Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns promoting self-love. This self-love and self-caring campaign should be focused on reframing usual Valentine’s Day shopping spending, and giving single customers a reason to celebrate the holiday themselves. Once your self-love campaign messages impress singles, they will most likely be your customers. Whether your products are more on the romantic side or not, they will appreciate the justification and purchase your brand.    

Make Charitable Contributions 

This campaign focuses more on the people rather than the products. Charitable contributions appeal to the consumer’s emotional side and let them know your brand’s philosophy values. Instead of promoting products, brands can also take Valentine’s Day as a chance to show consumers about their contributions to society. This campaign will let consumers know your brand cares not only about economic profits, but also about people and society. Consumers prefer to support brands that are socially and environmentally aware. Showing consumers your brand’s contribution will create brand loyalty and you will achieve long-term success. Therefore, this campaign will offer your brand to gain a good impression on your target customers. 

Brands can increase the impacts of these emotional Valentine’s Day campaigns using influencer marketing. Influencers can help spread these brand’s values and movements by creating supportive content and sharing it with larger audiences. Influencers have unlimited sharing potential from their fans. Working with influencers on these campaigns can offer brands an ideal way to increase brand awareness and reach. Influencer marketing can also build credibility and trust for your brand’s emotional campaigns for the holiday.  

Influencer House

Do you need help with developing your Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns with influencers? No need to look further. At Influencer House, we can guide you through the whole steps so that your campaigns with influencers are a sure bet and achieve your marketing goals. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Start developing your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign strategies with Influencer House. For more information, please visit our website or email us at inquiries@influencerhouse.co.th 

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