How To Do Tiktok Challenges For Your Marketing Campaign?

TikTok Challenges in Thailand


TikTok challenges are going viral today. Including Thailand, more than 60% of total global TikTok users have been posting challenge videos on the platform. These videos are viewed by a mass audience, more than 1 billion challenge videos get viewed each day on TikTok. Challenges are one of the biggest trends on TikTok, hence, businesses utilize TikTok challenges for promoting their brands or products. TikTok challenges can give a big success for businesses, however, it doesn’t happen just by accident. 

Launching challenges enables your business’ fast-track growth, however, it is crucial to understand how the challenges work. Being creative and developing innovative strategies is the key to making an inspiring TikTok challenge campaign. This article will guide you to create the perfect challenge on TikTok. If you want to gain higher brand awareness or give your brand a boost, this article can help you.      

What Are TikTok Challenges? 

TikTok challenges represent the platform’s most popular videos. TikTok challenges are the trends that invite users to create their own hashtag accompanying videos and encourage others to join the trends. The other users perform the same specific tasks in their own videos, and upload using the same hashtags. These tasks often include displaying a talent, showing off a product usage, or using a filter. Thus, challenges are a unique and perfect way to encourage users to create awesome User-Generated Content

Those hashtags help users’ challenge videos to be more visible and easier to find. For brands, their hashtags used for TikTok challenge campaigns are a great way to engage the TikTok community. Those branded hashtags significantly increase brand awareness, since the more users’ challenge videos are tagged under branded hashtags.

TikTok challenges can be created in almost any form. They could be as simple as just using a filter to perform a dance move or lip-syncing with specific songs. However, the challenges should be easy to replicate by large audiences and interesting enough for audiences to participate in.  

How to Create Branded Challenges on TikTok? 

Branded challenges are challenge-based marketing campaigns created by brands. These challenges help brands to boost their growth, create relatable content, and grow their TikTok community. For brands, running their own branded challenge requires some creativity, research, and time. 

Brands first need to set their target objectives. Then, they should come up with creative challenge ideas which can help them to reach the goal. Branded challenge’s success and popularity also significantly depends on setting clear rules for the challenge videos. The more clear the guidelines are, the easier it will be for the audience to participate. TikTok’s branded challenges get people thinking, moving, and creating.Therefore, when branded challenges are done right on TikTok, they will go viral. 

Work With Influencers 

On TikTok, most of the branded challenges start from big and well known brands. Hence, brands should consider partnering with influencers when they launch their first TikTok branded challenge campaigns. Working with influencers can help brands to reach a massive audience and earn millions of views on a challenge. 

In Thailand, there are a range of popular influencers actively communicating with their followers on TikTok. Thai influencers have high engagement rates and help increase brand awareness. Creating a branded challenge campaign through Thai influencers sets expectations for future participants and they can bring higher ROI to brands. 

How to Make and Use Branded Hashtags?

In order to create effective branded challenges, some entertaining and tempting branded hashtags must be tagged within the challenge campaigns. These hashtags help the branded challenges to be more shared by its target audiences. Not only it makes it easier to share, but it also makes branded challenge videos much easier to find on TikTok. Most importantly, they attract users to join the challenge which ultimately increases brand awareness and discoverability. Hence, brands are scrambling to find branded hashtags for their own branded challenges on TikTok. 

Businesses use hashtags are used for branded challenges in order to tag specific content. A good branded hashtag contains information and common conversation topics.  Brands should think of a hashtag that will stick to their TikTok challenge marketing campaign. The hashtags should be relatable,trending, and entertaining, but also easy to remember and pronounce. These hashtags connect branded challenge campaigns with other individuals, moreover, it helps reinforcing brand exposure and increase product visibility.

Top 5 Viral Branded Hashtag Challenges on TikTok 

For upcoming brands, drawing inspiration from current or past popular TikTok branded challenges can be a great starting point. There are top 5 viral TikTok branded challenges which can be great sources of inspiration for starters.

  1. Calvin Klein: #MyCalvins

This fashion brand forged ahead with the #MyCalvins challenge on TikTok. Many famous celebrities like Shawn Mendes, Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky participated in this branded challenge. They helped the brand capitalize on the trend by encouraging other users to join this Calvin Klein outfit challenge videos.  

Tiktok Challenges CK

#MyCalvins @calvinklein

  1. Crocs: #ThousandDollarCrocs 

This footwear company created their own #ThousandDollarCrocs challenge on TikTok. This challenge was partnered with a famous musician Post Malone. The sound and lyrics used in this challenge was one of his popular songs. This challenge encouraged users to think and create a video about how $1000 crocs would look like. This challenge enabled the brand to successfully build loyal online followers.     

TikTok Challenges Crocs

#ThousandDollarCrocs @kristenhancher @crocs

  1. GUESS: #InMyDenim

This fashion company partnered with TikTok and host their own #InMyDenim challenge campaign. Many popular influencers promoted their new GUESS denim jeans in the video and this gets audiences to talk about this brand. Through this branded challenge, GUESS hit over 40 million views and the brand continued to gain a lot of engagement.  

TikTok Challenges Guess

#inmydenim @kuhleeuh @guess 

  1. Chipotle: #LidFlip

The Chipotle #LidFlip challenge encouraged consumers to record themselves attempting to flip the lid onto the bowl without using their hands. This branded challenge’s purpose was to promote their new menu and free delivery service. The entertaining factor of this branded challenge attracted users to participate in the challenge. It was a unique and creative way to engage with the brand and the brand was able to significantly increase sales. 


#ChipotleLidFlip @mvnnyrose @chipotle 

  1. MAC Cosmetics: #YouOwnIt  

MAC Cosmetics created the #YouOwnIt challenge in order to boost the visibility of the brand among teenagers. They partnered with popular fashion and beauty influencers to promote this challenge and the hashtag helped generate higher revenue. This challenge campaign successfully escalated the brand’s positive impressions and enabled them to reach their target audience.   

Mac Cosmetics

#YouownIt @glitterandlazers @maccosmetics

Influencer House 

Businesses have been investing large amounts of money on developing their marketing strategies on TikTok challenges. It is because challenges are one of the most viral formats to promote their brands or products on TikTok. Combining challenges with the right influencers make your brand’s marketing campaign much more effective and successful. 

Influencer House is a specialized and the only Meta-partnered influencer marketing platform in Thailand. We can help your brand with developing efficient marketing campaigns and reaching the right target audience by providing suitable strategies. For more information please visit our website or contact us through our email at inquiries@influencerhouse.co.th 

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