Influencer Marketing in Thailand: The True Value it Offers Brands


Marketing trends have truly shifted towards influencer marketing. Different brands of all sizes are allocating their budget to this industry because they know how impactful the ROIs are. When correctly implemented, influencer marketing can convert sales (weʼre talking millions). However, while brands and marketers realize the importance of influencer marketing, it is vital for them to comprehend the true value of this “latest” marketing/advertising channel.

This blogpost analyses the long-term values of influencer marketing that transcends numbers in which every brand should keep in mind when planning a campaign.

Authentic Influencer Evergreen Content

Any brand knows that coming up with creative and engaging content is no easy feat.

Letʼs say a brand wants to launch a new product with video content. Theyʼll have to work with a creative team, videographers, copywriters, editors, production team…and more. Coordinate and make sure theyʼre all on one page. This goes on for days or even weeks until you have a 30-second video announcing your new product. Next, pay and engage the services of the advertising crew and marketing team in order to schedule the content launch. Thatʼs how an average campaign looks like.

In contrast, a handful of influencers or a hundred of them will significantly allow the brand to spread authentic content, broadcasting the brandʼs message with 10x more efficiency.

Letʼs imagine for instance, that a beverage company is launching a new soft- drink. Instead of fussing over long hours of creative-content with an agency or in-house, the brand works with 10 YouTube bloggers. Each influencer will create a 1-minute video review of the new product. The end result shows that the brand has 10 times the content but zero production hours and efforts put into it. Essentially, variety and authenticity are obtained at a cheaper cost than a professionally developed content created in-house or with an agencyʼs help.

Tremendous Authentic Reach

Brands constantly strive to extend the awareness and reach of their products or services. Influencer marketing cements audience targeting and reaches out to them far and wide.

Letʼs consider Coca-Cola. The brandʼs official Facebook Channel has over 107 million followers with thousands of sponsored posts. Coca-Cola has partnered with many influencers on Facebook and YouTube thereby targeting different audiences, allowing the brand to spread its reach outside its social media channels. The value of the brandʼs reach is unimaginable. The impact of each influencerʼs sponsored post is tremendous.

Boost Brand Affinity

Positive brand perception is obviously of immense value to draw potential and existing clients. Brands consistently strive to create positive content that connects with target audiences. A positive brand perception cements trust, credibility, and brand affinity. Influencer marketing is great at having a well- known person whoʼs liked and trusted by a significant portion of a community, distributes the brandʼs message authentically, and endorse the products.

Significant advantages of partnering up with influencers are that they create authentic, engaging, and natural content which their audience trusts. Around 71 % of influencers in Thailand and South-east Asia feel that honesty and humor draw their followers. A positive brand image is strengthened and can boost brand affinity and engagement elsewhere on social media, digital ads, etc.


Ultimately, there are two ways of distinguishing the true value of influencer marketing: by its tangible quality or intangible quality. The intangible advantages are long term brand affinity, perception, credibility, and exposure. Influencer marketing is here to stay and brands would do well to consider the long-term benefits itʼll bring.

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