The Psychology of Influencer Marketing


In recent years, influencer marketing in Asia has quickly become the word of mouth among marketers. The dramatic increase in social media users drove brands and companies to use influencer’s platforms to sell or raise awareness of their products. However, a greater audience is not the only factor that makes influencer marketing a unique strategy. In this article, we will be talking about the complex psychology behind influencer marketing.

The Psychology of Influencer Marketing

Firstly, let’s take a look at the statistics. Brands hire thousands of social media influencers every day to promote their product in a way. Reports show that:

  • Marketing through influencer platforms brings 11 times more ROI than other marketing strategies.
  • 94% of the brands that applied it, found it fruitful.
  • About 33% of customers have been influenced by the implementation of this method on different social media platforms.

But what is the psychology of influencer marketing and how does Influencer House put it to good use? To summarize, influencer marketing is compatible with how our brain works. Since it’s in synchronization with our natural behaviors, it may be a lot more effective and acceptable to us.

There are several reasons why influencer marketing is psychologically approved. Keep in mind that not all these factors work on everyone, but overall, they make this form of marketing the most successful way to target the consumer’s emotions.

Authority and Credibility

First and foremost, influencers seem reliable to their viewers and this makes them powerful when it comes to marketing. It’s natural for human beings to trust the ones holding more power and authority with what they say or recommend. This happens because they presume these people are more knowledgeable and proficient in what they are suggesting. Therefore, people find them more trustworthy and dependable. This credibility comes from several factors; the number of followers, engagement, and the content posted on the influencer’s platform. The first two factors display the influencer’s success on social media. The content they post, its quality, and its relatability to their niche, are what make their platform turn into a source of information and inspiration to their followers. So much so that they might be setting new trends in pop culture using their unique power.

On top of that, influencers’ capabilities may go even further. Using a method called the halo effect, they can sneak into other areas of expertise with the power they have in their specialty. In short, the credibility that influencers possess makes influencer marketing successful.

Excess information

The internet has brought its users the luxury of having access to any sort of information they are looking for with a few taps on their keyboards. But the truth is that not many users are actively searching for them and even if they are, they don’t find all of the resources out there worthy of their trust. The way our brain works prevents us from putting attention to these sources, by counting them as spams. Here’s where influencer marketing comes to play. Since influencers connect with their audience on a different level, they can be a solid and reliable source when it comes to information, and therefore, they pass the brain’s filters.

Social Distance

The distance and position of a person can affect our impression and idea of the relationship we have with them and in return, affect how approachable they seem to us. We can apply this idea to influencer marketing as well. Influencers, though considered as idols to their followers, are still more approachable and easier to relate to than other public figures (models, celebrities, etc.). By mixing this feature with their expertise in what they do, they can have their audience imitate them as they would with their role models. Social proximity is another great factor that makes influencer marketing worthwhile.

Beauty Favoritism

This is a very interesting way that the psychology of influencer marketing might be effective. To put it simply, an attractive person, holding physical beauty and charisma, may hold greater power, even without much expertise. By applying this small trick, brands can promote their product through influencers’ platforms in Thailand.

Social Proof

The main idea behind social proof is that if others are doing it, it might as well be valid. For instance, a brand new fashion look that has been repeatedly shared and liked can gradually turn into the next trend in social media and in people’s wardrobes. This is another example of how the psychology of influencer marketing can play its role. Since social media users look for confirmation and validation on their choices, they look up to their role models. Using their favorite influencers can be a great way to target their decision-making.

The Desire to Give Back

It is natural for human beings to want to give back. This can be interpreted in the psychology of influencer marketing as the desire to respond and react to the influencer. The connection between the two sides may encourage the viewers to like, comment, and even buy the products they are suggesting sometimes. A useful influencer marketing technique could be to get influencers to have more interaction with their followers. This way, they will be more willing to engage and reciprocate.


How exposed we are to a certain idea or object can affect our behavior towards it. In influencer marketing language, this means that the more views it receives, through online and social media channels, the more it is settled in the mind of the audience. This is a very simple but effective way that the psychology of influencer marketing works.


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