Thailand Influencers Vs. Creators (Premier Influencers)

Thailand influencers

Thailand influencers are at the top of every major global brand’s list these days. If you are not new to Influencer House’s approach, you know that our campaigns and influencers place a lot of emphasis on authentic content. It is no secret that one of the most important elements of a successful campaign is to find the right influencer or creator who in some way have the right spot for brand affinity. Or they have integrated similar types of products or services into their lifestyles and the content they produce.

As the trend is moving to South East Asia and more specifically Thailand much faster than before, we are witnessing a dramatic change in how brands vet creators they choose for their influencer marketing campaigns.

In an attempt to keep their campaigns subtle, organic, and authentic, brands are beginning to focus their attention from influencers to content creators as many influencers are failing to deliver such results.

You may think “so what makes influencers different from creators?”

As the influencer marketing industry keeps on finding new grounds in marketing strategies of businesses of different sizes, brands are finding it vital to identify the right people rather than someone with a high number of social media followers.

Choosing the Right Talents vs A Walking Ad

Anyone with a small knowledge of modern marketing knows that content marketing is one of the most impactful strategies in this day and age and an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. Consumers are exposed to content all the time and they are connecting with the content they are in contact with either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Many of those are the content created by influencers as many people especially in countries like Thailand have made an inseparable bond with the way influencers have been promoting products and services to them.

Interestingly, consumers in Thailand and other southeast Asian countries have developed the ability to distinguish between a sort of “to your face content” as opposed to organic and authentic content. And guess what? They hate to see product pushers.

When influencers try doing hard sales, the damage is being inflicted on two different levels. It hurts the influencer’s credibility and at the same time, any potential interest in whatever the influencers are trying to market is wiped off from the consumer’s shopping list to a certain degree.

This shows the importance of why influencers in ASEAN countries and specifically Thailand have to learn to adapt themselves to this ever-evolving industry. By rather than just modeling next to a product, they instead need to tell a story to their audience that resonates with their daily living and create the type of content that positively registers into the consumer’s unconscious.

In certain countries, influencers are being forced by their governments to inform their audience when they are being paid to do content or reviews. It’s becoming more and more essential for brands to work with influencers and creators that can move their content to a higher level than just serving as a “walking ad”.

Do You Need Thailand Influencers or Creators?

Consumers are thirsty for authentic content these days. They are abandoning their previous favorite influencers because they are tired of seeing soulless collaborations with the brands that don’t really share interests with the influencers and their followers.

This new shift has opened room for another type of professionals who we call Premier-Influencers™ or creators. Unlike your average influencer, these KOLs have grown their following over a long period of time and they won’t simply do anything or promote anything if you pay them.

We prefer to call them Premier-Influencers™ because, in addition to passing Influencer House’s rigorous standards, they only promote products that they truly care for and which are aligned with their audience’s interests.

These Premier- Influencers™ or creators genuinely understand that the key to a successful campaign is nothing short of 100% authentic content. Instead of pilling up their pages with random brand sponsored content, they really pay attention to how their audience receives their content. This is one of the most important characteristics brands should look for when they are trying to scout the right influencers.

How Can Brands Find Content Creators?

Working with influencer marketing platforms like Influencer House allows brands to have access to a large number of closely filtered Premier-Influencers™ that are truly aligned with their brands.

Our groundbreaking trademarked 7-step verification system and peer to peer content verification system provides brands with the opportunity to work with the influencers who are authentic in every sense of the word and not people who simply increase their followers by buying fraudulent following or simply promoting their pages to get more followers.

Influencer House only works with talents with enough creative input to generate their own stories and creative work that best resonates with their audience. This helps us to create campaigns with creative, genuine ideas as well as valuable data.

How Does Influencer House Deliver Authentic Campaigns?

We provide consultancy to influencers on how to create content as opposed to forcing them briefs that do not resonate with their audience. We understand how to keep the middle ground between influencer creativity and brand messages.

At Influencer House make sure we help create a meaningful relationship between brands and not sell them influencers in bulk in so-called automated marketplace platforms like our competitors in Thailand.

Want to know our secrets and get a taste of the most tech savvy creative influencer agency in Asia? Get in touch with us for a free consultation today.

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