Senior Influencers: Silver content creators in Thailand


Outdated advertising methods such as TV and billboard ads are still the primary strategies to many traditional marketers for targeting the older generation. This misconception stems from the idea that the seniors, also known as generation X (born between 1965 and 1980) and baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964), are not as active on social media platforms as the younger generation is. But the rise of senior influencers in Thailand is suggesting otherwise.

The elders go online too

As reported by a study, seniors spend an average of 15 hours a week on the internet. They consider social media to be improving their quality of life. Not to mention that these groups own more disposable income than any other. They are surprisingly more likely to spend money online, way more than their grandchildren do. However, this generation’s social media feed had remained very untouched up until very recently. Many brands and companies still consider the silver generation to be unimpressed by influencers and influencer marketing.

But what are the seniors in Thailand doing online? According to a survey, over 55% of people aged 55 or older in Thailand are following influencers on social media. Their most used platforms are LINE (21%) and Facebook (13%). Keep in mind that Thailand has an elderly population of about 17.6 million, which makes up a quarter of the nation’s population. All these facts are the reasons why most innovative brands are starting to consider influencer marketing in Thailand as a strategy to target the seniors. 

Senior Influencers in Thailand: A Win-Win Solution

With the rise in social media users in Asia, a new phenomenon began to form throughout the continent. Generation X and baby boomers created their own social media account. either independently or with the help of their grandchildren, They started posting about their everyday lives and interests. Many of these grandmas and grandpas rose to fame among their group as influencers. These elders are representative of the old saying “age is just a number”. They are not letting their grey hair get in their way of having an active, happy life. By posting their cooking recipes, unique fashion taste, and youthful lifestyle, these senior influencers not only have gained popularity among the elders, but they also captured the heart of the younger ones. Of course, this opportunity did not go unnoticed by brands choosing influencer marketing in Thailand.

The new trend gained even more attention in 2020. The social media users were no longer impressed by the perfectly polished Instagram models and began seeking more authentic content. The hardships people had to face due to economic issues and nation-wide lockdown made them crave something that could lift their mood. Here’s where the senior influencers entered the picture. TikTok dance challenges are good examples of how these grandmas and grandpas have put their unique charm to use. They pursue the same lifestyle as their kids and grandkids and they encourage other members of their age group to do the same. They are very looked up to, and this is why silver influencers in Thailand have greater value than others. On top of that, they understand and share the same worries all elders may experience. Health issues, depression, and the future of their children are on top of this list. 

Senior Influencers in Asia

 In the past couple of years, some senior influencers in Asia have reached celebrity-level fame. Social media and influencer marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are where you can find them singing, dancing, modeling, and essentially, altering their viewers’ idea of what generation X and baby boomers should look like. Their partnership with their grandchildren in creating content makes them even more of an inspiration to the younger generations. 

For instance, @Monadashu is a 74-year-old grandfather with over 13.7 million followers on social media platforms. With a distinct sense of fashion, he is known to be the most good-looking elder in China. With the assistance of his son, he is one of the biggest silver influencers in Asia. Another good example would be @gamergranda. As her name shows, she is a 90-year-old granny that has spent the past forty years of her life playing video games. With about half a million subscribers on Youtube, she is the oldest gamer on this popular social media platform.

Just like any other influencer group, senior influencers in Thailand have been engaged in influencer marketing too. Companies are putting fractions of their budget aside for investing in this new trend. More and more brands are becoming aware of this new approach every day. Be it to sell products that are designed for elders or to bring diversity to their audience, However, senior influencer marketing in Thailand is still highly unexplored and untapped. This is an even better reason for marketers to consider applying it to their next campaign.

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