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It is no secret that environmental issues have reached their peak in the past decade. An increase in consumption, natural resource depletion, and pollution are some of the issues that have raised concerns among consumers in Thailand and around the world, pushing them to make a change in their lifestyle. This has led to a gradual shift to brands promoting sustainability through Environment and Sustainability Influencers. As reported by Nielsen, over 73% of the younger generations are open to spending more money to receive sustainable products.

Companies have slowly realized that this is their final call and that in order to survive this new wave, they need to put corporate social responsibility, otherwise known as CSR as a top priority. Many brands have taken it to the next level by becoming the environmental ambassadors themselves, instead of simply supporting it through their products.

What they should keep in mind is that consumers are smart. Meaning they can notice dishonesty and ignorance from miles away. Therefore, a simple alteration in the brand’s protocols might not be enough; the message should be carved into its soul. A highly effective strategy to establish this image is the use of influencer marketing. In this article, we will be talking about the importance and application of sustainability influencers to your campaigns.

Communication Is Key

As mentioned above, consumers in Thailand and other parts of Asia are actively looking out for sustainability. It is crucial for brands to announce and prove their CSR disposition. Firstly, consumers should be constantly reminded of it, in a way that they unconsciously associate the brand’s name with sustainability. This can be achieved by showing it through the packaging, advertisements, and brand’s motto.

Secondly, companies must find ways to make the customers believe their commitment. When it comes to sustainability, being frank and open is essential. Claiming that you care about environmental issues is easy, but your audience is looking for more than that. They want clear and straight explanations regarding the actions the company has taken to make the earth a better place.

The use of social media platforms for putting actions on display is a popular method many brands have employed for maximum customer satisfaction. Also, the smart employment of influencer marketing can be beneficial for companies choosing CSR in Thailand. There’s a lot the Sustainability Influencers can do to help with the brand’s image.

Tread Lightly with Sustainability Influencers

Before we get into the application of influencer marketing in this concept, we need to talk about the precautions. Sustainability influencers, as third-party advocates, need to fit into the brand’s desired image. This is why choosing the right influencers to be your brand’s voice is vital for companies, especially ones that claim to be working towards sustainability.

For instance, employing an and Sustainability influencer for your cruelty-free bags campaign with posts on their social media accounts wearing animal leather might as well work the other way around and make your brand appear ignorant and fraudulent. Influencer House, as a professional influencer marketing platform, can be your helping hand with choosing the right environment and sustainability influencers for your next campaign. Influencers from the influencer house platform are chosen based on the campaign’s needs. In this case, quality and authenticity have greater value than mere social analytics.

How Can Sustainability Influencers Enhance a sustainable Brand Image?

Connection and trust are an influencer’s weapon. It is through the bond they share with their followers that they are capable of convincing them to follow their words. This is what influencer marketing is investing in and also, it is exactly what companies adopting CSR needs. Of course, influencers bring sales and leads, but above that, they raise awareness of the brand’s message. It’s quite simple; social media users trust Environment and Sustainability influencers and influencers claim to have faith in the brand’s values. This drives the followers to trust the brand too. Consequently, these companies have moved on from traditional advertising methods because they are passive and lack enough communication, and selected influencer marketing instead.

Employing sustainability influencers as CSR partners is also a great idea for your campaign’s success in Thailand. These public figures can turn into your brand ambassadors and align your name with your environmental goals.

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