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These days, with the advancement of technology, our dependence on it and its use is increasing day by day. Reports have shown that Instagram has 1 billion active users in 2019, with over 25 million active businesses. One of these countless businesses on Instagram is the pet influencer industry.

We may feel positive and warm with someone we have never met in real life, and some people might go one step further and seek to make a positive impact on others who usually have many followers. One of the types of influencers who use social media to spread information and advertisements are pet influencers.

Who is a Pet Creator?

There are more than 200 million pets in the United States of America. The amount related to feeding and owning pets alone is worth over 60 billion dollars. In addition, 90% of these pets are dogs and cats.

Pet influencers are individuals who post about their beloved pets such as dogs, cats, fish etc. on social media and publish information about pets or provide advertisements for brands and businesses related to pets.

At this point in time, influencers are present everywhere. They communicate about all kinds of topics and publish information to their audience. They earn a lot of money from different means such as:  interviews, advertisements, magazines, and newspapers. However, it takes years of hard work to achieve positive results.

There are two routes to becoming a successful pet influencer. The first way is to take on an online persona as a loving pet owner. The second way is to create a profile centered around your darling pet.

How Can I Become a Pet Influencer?

  1. Adopt a Pet

The first step to becoming a pet influencer is to own a pet. Become a pet owner! In addition, you should choose the right pet for you. The pet of your choice must suit your lifestyle. For instance dogs and cats are generally more popular with people than, say, parrots or turtles. (Comment: when it comes to life style of owner; your accommodation may be considered)

Most importantly, you need to invest time and resources to nurture and keep your pet safe and healthy. In order to give great tips and advice as a pet influencer, you must practice what you preach! Remember your audience can gauge your sincerity. This quality of authenticity goes a very long way.

  1. Open an Account:

The second step to becoming a pet influencer is to open a social media account. Any social media channel is fine, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. 

It is imperative that you create a social media profile as a pet owner, or one entirely under your pet’s name. Therefore  you are ready to begin your actively on social media as a pet influencer.

  1. Determine Your Goal and Plan:

After your social media channel is all set, you have other tasks to fulfill. Therefore you should bring out your creative juices, and a spark of imagination. Think through how you would want your pet to be represented on social media. Consider your role as a pet influencer and how what kinds of content you would like to convey to your audience. Base this from your experience, your pet’s character, you and your pet’s shared interests etc.

  1. Publish. Build a Following. Use the Right Hashtags.

In order for people to see your posts or reels in high numbers basically you need to follow and publish the right hashtags for the right account for your topic.

You need to publish imaginative and unique pieces of content to get people to see your posts, videos, or reels. Start slowly, but creatively. Come up with pet’s signature characteristics or behaviours . And use it to your advantage as a burgeoning pet influencer. 

In addition, you will need to follow relevant pet influencers in order to be seen and taken seriously. Use the right hashtags that relate to your pet and whatever activity your pet is doing. By doing this, you are on the path of becoming a well-rounded pet influencer.

  1. Publish your Pet influencer Content:

Last but not least, you must know the basics of creating and publishing your content. Different  social media channels use different tools and mechanisms for content publishing. You ought to take time to do your homework and proceed diligently. This cannot be emphasized enough. Because this is the make or break moment of you becoming a professional pet influencer. One you have aced this, you’re an official pet influencer. As for your pet, he/she is ready to start influencing the pet community!

Enjoyed reading our nuggets of quirky tips and tricks on how to become a great pet influencer? Want to make yourself stand out from the crowd? Got a brand and want to see it communicated to the right audience? So you have come to the right place!

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