Macro Influencers VS. Micro Influencers: The Impact

Macro Influencers verus Micro Influencers in Thailand

Influencers are people who guide the perceptions and behavior of their followers on social media. There is a so set criteria or follower benchmark one must have to be considered a full-fledged influencer. In fact, everyone on social media has the ability to exert influence on their friends and followers to a lesser or greater degree. Albeit, when it comes to advocating and endorsing a brand, the importance of understanding the role influencer tiers such as micro or macro influencers play is a vital part of any brand’s marketing strategy. This blog post will explore the different tiers of influencers, the value they each bring to the table, and how brands can leverage the suitable types to run successful influencer marketing campaigns.

What Are the Different Tiers of Influencers?

Influencers are primarily classified into different tiers of types corresponding to the number of social media followers they have. The number of followers each influencer has says a lot about their engagement, content quality, authenticity, and much more.

Celebrities & Mega Influencers

When people mention mega influencers, they generally refer to celebrities and well-known personalities who have attained personality status. They possess a wide reach and target diverse audiences. Celebrities and mega influencers’ followings have a tendency to overlap and are distributed across a country, region, or the whole world. Running campaigns with mega influencers provides brands with a “stamp of approval” in terms of credibility and widespread brand recognition.

Macro Influencers

Macro Influencers are categorized as trendsetters. They excel in a particular area or even specialize in a variety of interests. They also tend to be talented and knowledgeable about their chosen field of interest. Macro influencers reach up to almost 30 times more people compared to mid-tier or micro influencers. They share similarities with mega influencers when it comes to their audiences. They represent a broad, segmented demographic. Brands to work with macro influencers can penetrate several kinds of niche audiences with merely one post.

What’s more, macro influencers are adept at promoting brands. They produce professional content a can talk at length about the benefits of a particular brand’s product. Macro Influencers possess lifestyles or interests that match the brand’s target audience. They tend to understand how their audience behaves and most importantly, macro influencers have forged a sense of trust and loyalty with their followers.

Mid-Tier & Micro Influencers

Mid-tier and micro influencers are the leaders when it comes to authenticity. They are known for forging genuine authentic connections with their followers. Influencers of thee tiers cultivate a two-way communication with their audience in a manner that is nurturing and relatable. For instance, they are more likely than other tiers to respond to comments from their followers whether personally or publicly. They score high on organic engagement and likability. When mid-tier or micro influencers recommend a product, their loyal followers tend to act on that endorsement and follow their beloved influencer.

When it comes to followers, mid-tier and micro influencers represent a niche audience. This explains why they rank high on organic engagement as well because their followers are more likely to follow their advice or make a purchase based on their recommendation. Mid-tier influencers and micro influencers outperform other influencer tiers when it comes to organic reach. They tend to have a higher reach among their niche target audience. Studies have shown that micro influencers possess engagement rates that are 60 percent higher than those of a macro influencer. Brands would do well to pair up with a mid-tier or micro influencer that matches their brand values. Their authentic personality will shine through a brand’s target audience making way for incredible ROI.

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