Macro & Micro Influencers in Thailand: How Brands Can Use Different Tiers of Influencers

micro vs macro influencers

Macro influencers and micro Influencers in Thailand have equally turned into important marketing instruments for brands all around the country. The debates on whether Micro Influencers or Macro Influencers are the better choices has been raging all over Thailand’s social media landscape for some time.

Macro Influencers Vs Micro Influencers in Thailand

Depending on the active internet users’ population, trends, and other statistics, everyone has their own opinion on what constitutes a certain tier of influencers in each country. Here at Influencer House, we are mostly concerned with Thailand and other southeast Asian markets. We believe anyone who has the following range of 1k to 50k is considered a micro influencer. Individuals with the following of 50k to 200k are mid-tiers with the ones with 200k to 1M followers being considered macros. Influencers with above 1M followers constituting celebrity influencers.

Normally, macro-influencers and celebrity influencers are considered to be the means to provide your brand a good amount of awareness and coverage in order to fire up all those important social media conversations that brands are desperate to get on this day and age.

On the other hand, Micro influencers are hailed as the people who are likely to perform with niche campaigns and also mass conversions if done on a large scale in parallel with other tiers of influencers notably macros and celebrities.

This article is trying to evaluate the means to use macro and micro influencers in parallel to achieve high conversions and scalable results with your influencer marketing in thailand.

How Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Thailand are Scaled

As far as scaling a campaign goes, the talking points are about the potentials for a campaign to put together a bigger roster of influencers to bring exposure to brands, products, and services. Working with a large group of micro influencer talents is considered to be one of the most constructive ways to achieve the highest possible return of investment.

Scaling up is a perfect idea for campaigns targeting niche campaigns with acceptable engagement. It would also provide an ideal way to conduct test campaigns on other audience demographics and segments to understand whether it’s also gaining attraction there as well.

In addition, If you are able to pick the right influencers which are quite hard without using data-driven knowledge and properly scaled insights you will be able to have your brand promoted by an influencer who can deliver long-term value as their influence increase and their social media following grow. By picking the right influencers, like premier micro influencers at influencer house, you will be getting Thai micro influencers who can bring additional traffic to your content for months after the campaign is wrapped up.

While scaling is a great strategy for certain campaigns, it’s also quite important to remember the value more accessible and wider ad campaigns and boosting can bring to your campaign to spark the social media conversations mentioned earlier.

What Makes Thai Micro Influencers So Appealing to Brands?

Using micro influencers is one of the trends we have seen in the last few years and we expect this to grow even more in Thailand during 2020. This is mainly due to the fact that they are good at creating conversions when used on a mass level.

If the followers are unified with a common interest, be it fashion, gaming, or food they can create high-value engagement for your campaigns. According to Adweek, they are able to create more than 60% better engagement compared to other marketing campaigns.

The reason why micro influencers are so loved by their audience is that they appear more ‘genuine’ and ‘authentic’ with the content they produce. People consider them a part of the bigger community of individuals with interest in certain areas which can ignite social media dialogues. These conversations will eventually turn into measurable conversions that can bring in considerable ROIs for brands.

With the research conducted by Influencer House professionals in Thailand, we found out that micro influencers can bring 3000% more conversations around the purchase process of products and services compared to a normal individual or a nano influencer. This would create high-value recommendations that are detrimental to ROI.

According to some recent statistics put together by our team, around 84% of Thai people follow at least one micro influencer and are more likely to engage with their content compared to other tiers of influencers like macros.

Are Thai Macro Influencers Better in Creating Large Scale Conversions Than Micro Influencers?

Considering that using micro influencers in mass would be a good idea for many brands, it’s essential to bear in mind that one cannot ignore the reach and exposure macro-influencers can offer your brand. Macro Influencers in Thailand are more likely to bring better reach for two main reasons. Their higher number of followers obviously plays a role but if chosen wisely like the Premier-Influencers at Influencer House, they can create a snowball effect and bring more and more engagement which can result in a post or a content going viral.

Hence, whilst a micro influencer is able to generate more conversions within targeted pockets, a macro influencer is much more likely to pull in engagement from consumers who may have never been exposed to your brand. For this reason, macro-influencers are able to spread brand awareness on a larger scale and generate huge social conversations.

While Micro influencers in Thailand have to potential to bring more conversions within a small niche, a macro influencer can bring you higher awareness and create a snowball effect on social media conversations. With their ability to engage potential audiences who are not familiar with your brand, Macro Influencers are ideal instruments for more awareness.

Using Both Tiers to Together Create the Perfect Campaign

By using services like Premier-Influencer Analysis TM you can involve micro influencers with great potential in your campaigns in order to generate the maximum conversions within your target market while using macro-influencers who have consistent performance and score to create mass conversations and bring in awareness and create what we call at Influencer House an ‘Intelligent Influencer Marketing Campaign’.

To learn more about how to use Influencer House technologies on your campaigns, get in touch with our bilingual influencer marketing consultants at inquiries@influencerhouse.co.th

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