Key Takeaways From Influencer Marketing in Asia


Traditional influencer marketing used to be the most popular and effective form of marketing up until the rise of Covid-19. But with the pandemic taking over the world including Thailand, Influencer marketing, just like every other business in Asia, had to face new challenges.

First of all, financial issues in society, the sudden increase in unemployment rates, and job instability lead consumers to be cautious about their spendings. They began to develop new habits. Habits such as making purchases from e-commerce and group shopping websites and using special apps for price comparison.

Secondly, an unexpected increase in social media users, and the shift in product demand due to a change in what is essential, drove the brands and influencers to rethink their influencer marketing strategies. Gaining customers’ loyalty and keeping their attention became harder. so they had to put their creativity to use. This was when engaging and interactive content gained higher value.

At Influencer House, we did some research and identified main influencer marketing takeaways from the recent changes happening in Asia.

Livetreaming Next To Traditional Influencer Marketing In Asia

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) on social media platforms, also known as influencers, used to be the primary choice for marketers. However, with live streaming reaching its peak in Asia, particularly in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, many influencers and salespeople took the opportunity and modified their business model. Instead of posting pictures on their Instagram, KOLs joined live streamers and went online. As they found the real-time interactions more engaging to their audience. However, traditional KOLs are is still popular among local businesses. For instance, hip-hop culture is very sought-after in Vietnam. therefore, street style brands are making the most of local influencer marketing for their campaigns.

Voice Marketing

This new influencer marketing phenomenon in Asia started with the increase in the popularity of voice assistants. Gradually, using voice instead of texts became trendy because it provides higher interaction and is easier than typing and reading. Voice marketing did not go unnoticed by the brands and agencies. The viral social app in Thailand, Clubhouse, is proof that this form of marketing might be the next big thing. You can check out the Influencer House blogpost on Clubhouse here.

Virtual Reality And Virtual Influencer marketing In Asia

As previously pointed out, interaction is the key takeaway from the recent changes in Asia. another interactive innovation that has emerged in Asia is virtual reality. Many Tech companies are competing with each other to provide a more engaging and original experience. A study by MarketsandMarkets suggests that by 2025 the virtual reality industry will surpass the value of $53.6 billion. Virtual KOL is a brand new method that some brands have selected as their influencer marketing strategy in Asia. This technology is particularly popular in China and it is escalating fast in Thailand and Southeast Asia. it has been predicted that virtual influencers will become standard members of a standard influencer marketing campaign in Asia very soon.

These computer-simulated influencers are capable of engaging the users on a much higher level. The animators behind this technology make sure their creation has both realistic features of a human and the astonishing fashion and beauty of an animated character. Japanese people have adopted this innovation dearly. therefore, Japan’s Tech companies are leaders in this branch of influencer marketing in Asia. You can read more about virtual influencers on Influencer House platform’s magazine here.

Data Analysis

With the upturn in social media marketing, it is essential to know where we stand with digital and influencer marketing. Gathering the data from existing or potential customers helps companies gain insight into what people are experiencing or needing. They use this data to build their business model. The competition between digital marketers gets tighter every day. Their need for personal, environmental, and spatial data in order to target the right audience under the right circumstances grows higher. As expected, third-party service providers in Southeast Asia have grabbed the chance. They began gathering and analyzing users’ data from social media apps and other resources and selling them to companies. But what their service lacks is a clear solution for enhancing the performance.

Using the Influencer House platform, you will have the real-time analyzed data of your influencer marketing campaigns ready for use in your dashboard. Therefore, you can access the follow-up information about your campaign’s state and outturn.

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