Thai Instagram Trolls and Naggers (part II)


Let’s imagine you have read our first article on Instagram trolls and naggers and you have learned how to effectively identify them. You have also received a few tips on how to deal with them. You know you need a guideline, an action plan, some balance and rationality, and a kick of humor. But that is definitely not enough to prevent malicious comments from popping up. Take some minutes to read this article to find out what else you can do.

Step 6 : Criticism Is Okay Too

It might not be in favor of your reputation, but it might be true. Criticism exists for a reason. Listen to them, decide if it is valid and act accordingly. Sometimes the best approach is a simple apology and a real promise of better service. Thai instagrammers understand that errors can happen everyday in every business. Letting them know of it not only will give your brand a more sincere image, but it will prevent Instagram trolls from barging into your comment sections and calling you out on it.

Step 7 : Block, Report or Delete

You have your action plan, so you should know how to respond. Instagram trolls might be hateful, but they are oftentimes ignorable. It is important to know which ones are harmful. Sometimes deleting a comment or blocking a user will cause more harm than good. The best way to deal with it is to work with your team to decide which lines in your community policy the instagrammer has violated. Then, you can choose what action to take.

Step 8 : Put Time limits to the Comments

Shitstorms happen fast and often without you noticing. A great approach would be to hide your comments section after business hours. This way you don’t need to worry about instagram trolls creeping in on a saturday night when your team is not around. You may even use instagram tools to automatically do this for you.

Step 9 : Identify a Shitstorm

Shitstorms happen when a lot of people are involved in a widespread and controversial argument. Look for the first signs in your comments section. If there is a sudden wave of negative comments Thai instagrammers then the chances are that a shitstorm is about to come. Stay calm and decide how you want to put it out. If you take quick action, you might be able to stop it from spreading out immediately.

Step 10 : Have a Community and Have Them Back You Up

Remember that your page is where your Thai fans gather. Turn them into a loyal community by interacting with them in a friendly way and making them feel appreciated. This is the best way to deal with Instagram trolls. Why? Because they will support you and be your voice when things go wrong. Sometimes you don’t even need to take direct action, since your community will handle it by blocking them out.

All in all, if you choose to be active on Instagram, be prepared to face criticism. Put some time on coming up with a solid plan for times of crisis, as it is inevitable. Identify the abnormal, stay calm, make decisions and act. Good luck!

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