Instagram Trolls and Naggers in Thailand (part I)

Instagram trolls in Thailand

Whether you are a Thai business owner or just a normal Instagrammer, the chances are there that you have come across these groups of users more often than expected. Instagram Trolls and Naggers, a businesses’ biggest nightmare online. Facing these users is no easy task. In part 1 of this article, we will teach you how to identify them and give you 5 tips to set up a strategy to block them out with the use of community management.

What Are Instagram Trolls and Naggers Anyway?

In the first step, we need to learn how to correctly differentiate between the two. Naggers are users who are not afraid of expressing their negative opinion online. Their message, although full of criticism, is not intended to be abusive. These users are just very angry, but not determined to bring down your business. Instagram Trolls, however, are there to just spread negative comments in exchange for attention. They don’t particularly care for your business or whether their comments are valid. Instagram trolls simply want to cause chaos and have other users join them in an anger-releasing session. Things can get ugly from here, as a single negative comment may turn into an uproar overnight, often called a Shitstorm, that can damage your corporate image forever.

How Do You Identify Them?

In order to take the right action, you should know who you are dealing with. Pay attention to the negative comment. What is the intention behind it? If it’s a bad experience or a misunderstanding, even if it sounds full of anger, the user is probably just a nagging consumer. On the other hand, a troll’s comment is provoking and impulsive. It may not sound rational and often comes with no details or explanation.

Steps to Deal With Instagram Trolls and Naggers

Let’s say you have identified who you are dealing with. The next step would be to take action, as soon as possible, so the situation doesn’t go out of hand. Here we have a little guide on how to face online criticism to protect your reputation.

Step 1: Set Up a Guideline

Just like any social media platform, your channels need a community guideline too. Before you start interacting with your customers online, you need to establish a clear policy. What is the red line? What is considered out of the norm? These are the questions you should ask yourself. Carefully craft your rules and guidelines, and let your followers know about them. This way you will show that you are determined to keep your platforms a safe place and both your followers and the Instagram trolls will know how you are handling abusive behaviors.

Step 2: Know Your Action Plan

Now that you’ve reminded your followers of their limits, you need to know how you act if they go past it. A clear action plan will help you and your team deal with the situation faster and in sync. Work with your social media team to set up an action plan that has a clear answer for the following questions: how fast are you reacting? Do you block the Instagram trolls? Do you delete the comments? What is your tone when replying? What if the comments come in bulk? Keep in mind that you should have a clear approach towards positive comments as well. Let your team know that they should stay consistent with the way they approach both types of comments.

Step 3: Don’t Fuel the Flames

As mentioned, Instagram trolls don’t necessarily care for your brand. They usually don’t come with rational arguments as they are merely looking for attention. Don’t hand them the mic! Responding too much to these comments will draw attention to them even more. Try to keep the balance between ignoring and respectfully replying to them. You may choose to respond to more positive comments than negative ones as well.

Step 4: Stay Rational

Instagram trolls are outraged, but you shouldn’t be! Social media is full of rumors and false news, and trolls spread them as a hobby. Stay calm and collected. No matter what tone you choose, these comments should be replied with facts and even proofs. This way, even if the trolls are not convinced, your followers will be. Nonetheless, sometimes even trolls have a point, especially if it’s happening frequently. Try to figure out whether your company has made a mistake. In such a case, you should be transparent and come up with a solution and a sincere apology. If you don’t give them a clear explanation, the chances are that they will twist it and make it seem bigger than what it actually is.

Step 5: Implant Some Humor

Humor is a useful tool to use when things are getting too serious in the comments section. Criticism is harsh by nature, so respond with a light heart. This way your Thai followers won’t feel any tension when reading the comments, they might even have a good laugh. On top of that, humor will give your brand a touch of humanity and won’t make you look unreachable. Be friendly and joyful, but don’t joke around. Keep in mind that your image needs to stay professional, otherwise you are hurting it even more.

Want to know more about how to deal with Instagram trolls? Look out for part 2 of this article in our magazine!

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