Influencers in Thailand: 4 Ways to Make Paid Media

4 Ways to Use Ads with Influencers

Many brands forget that after they wrap up their influencer marketing campaigns, they still can use those valuable media and content created by influencers in their advertising campaigns and built on those organically generated content in a totally different way. 4 ways to use ads featuring influencers in Thailand and reasons why these KOL generated content can be a great instrument to bring further exposure and ROI to your brand.

In fact, according to the data published by Influencer House, influencer generated content used in paid adverting campaigns has brought at least 6 times more engagement and ROI than the average brand-generated content.

It’s always a great strategy to use the content created by influencers in campaigns that already ran their course on advertising campaigns to make the most out of your investment in influencer marketing campaigns. You have to remember though that in order to make sure you are allowed to use them, you need to have agreements with influencers in Thailand to give you the irrevocable rights to the content they create for your brand before you have them on board. The know-how to draft the right contract with influencers is a different subject that our experts at Influencer House will definitely get to in future articles.

With that being said, here are the top 4 ways you can further benefit from influencer generated content in your upcoming influencer marketing campaigns:

1. Use Organic Materials to Create Other Advertising Formats

Content generated by influencers in Thailand and other parts of Asia is usually mobile-friendly on its own. It already embodies certain qualities required for social media optimized content and is proved to perform well in a social media climate. This strategy can be a valuable addition to your mobile device targeted campaigns. You can always optimize the content further so you can use it in a broader sense. Giving it a fresh touch with some graphics, animations, music, and texts can go a long way. It’s worth noting that taking these edits too far would kill the authentic qualities of the content so it’s important to not go overboard with the edits.

2. Choose the Right Call to Action Influencer Strategy

Consider what action you want a customer to take when they see your ad. One of the most important elements of an impactful paid social media campaign is to choose what sort of action you wish people engaging with your ads are going to take. Is it a direct message? App downloads? Purchases? Or simply website traffic? Or if you are dealing with Instagram campaigns, it’s important to use shopping tags or swipe up links on Instagram stories. .

3. Take Advantage of Targeting Opportunities to Increase Reach

For marketers, one of the most attractive aspects of amplifying influencer assets in ads is extending the reach of the content. Influencer marketing reach is generally limited to the people that already follow that influencer, but paid media gives you the luxury of expanded targeting, boosting your efforts.

At influencer House, sometimes we use boosting tactics to achieve the highest amount of reach possible and make sure we don’t limit the exposure to the followers of a specific influencer in Thailand or elsewhere in South East Asia in case further-reaching international influencer marketing campaigns. This is a super helpful strategy to make sure we target the right social media users while increasing the reach. This enables us to make the most of the campaign data made available to us. Here at Influencer House, we call this new-age social media advertising.

4. Maintain Voice and Authenticity of Influencers in Thailand

One of the reasons why influencer marketing is so successful is because consumers identify with, and trust the creator. There’s no need to lose this once the piece of content becomes an ad.
This is actually the most important tip on how to utilize your existing influencer generated content. You have to remember that the value of influencer marketing mostly lies within the bridge of trust created between the brand and the consumer through the influencer content. It’s of utter importance that you maintain these qualities while using the influencer generated content as ads. It’s always good to tag the influencers, quote them, use the same image and caption, or credit them for the content. It’s worth considering adding a line that says this is a “Paid Collaboration” if there are legal limitations for this in the country you are targeting or if you think it can cause confusion.


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