3 Ways To Turn Influencers Into Your Brand Advocates

3 ways to turn influencers into your brand advocates

With more and more brands investing the majority of their budget on influencer marketing, and the influencers’ profiles getting filled with overly promotional content, there is a high demand for new strategies to stay profitable in 2021. Gradually, some marketers realized that they need to find alternative ways into the hearts of their potential customers. One of these solutions is creating a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with the influencers and turning them into brand advocates.

This kind of relationship goes beyond a simple promotion contract, as brands need to acknowledge influencers as their partners. This means giving their brand advocates the freedom to create content that matches with their unique audience, listening to their opinion, and considering their feedback on the products and marketing strategies. In this article, we will show you 3 ways by which you can take this partnership to the next level.

Have your advocates appear on your channels

As professional creators, influencers know how to take care of social media and engage the audience. Why not benefit from their skills on your own platforms? This can be a great move for brands that want to draw attention and followings towards their social channels. There are several ways by which your advocates can show up on your page. For instance, having a familiar face take over your channel for a day, perhaps by live content.

Another good example is collaborating to create educational content. Whether it is a live event or content posted, providing the audience with tips and how-tos is proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage them. Who would be better than their favorite influencer for teaching how to use a beauty product?

Give them the freedom to flourish

As the name shows “content creators” are pros at making the most engaging and audience-friendly content. Yet many brands still refuse to give them the space to use their potentials at the maximum level. Let go of your prejudice and trust your brand advocates because they know the taste of their audience!

And don’t forget, you can always mention in your contract that you would like to receive UGC (user-generated content). This way, you can use it on your own channel as well. Plus it is a cheaper way to collect products shots than doing professional model shoots. This being said, you can even hire nano- and micro-influencers as freelance creators to do exclusive shoots for your channel instead of a real model.

Don’t call them Advocates, call them Partners

As mentioned before, influencers have knowledge of their audience’s preferences and tastes. But on top of that, they have a comprehensive understanding of the market and the products sold in it. As a result, brand advocates can help you assess your product from a buyer’s point of view.

For instance, nano- and micro-influencers, as perfect examples of a regular consumer, can give you feedback on your product’s functionality and why one might choose your competitor’s product. More professional and niche influencers may provide you with their expert insights. Using their experience with other products and brands in the market, they are able to help with product development. They may even aid you by giving tips on creating the best marketing strategies for your campaigns.

The message from this article is, don’t let your partnership with creators be just a sign on the contract and a promise to perform well. Offer them to be your advocates. Your real business partners, so that you can benefit from their potentials to connect with your target audience.

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