Influencer Partnerships: Advantages of Long-Term Collaborations


Influencer marketing was initially viewed as an unconventional marketing strategy. A fairly new marketing tactic back in the day, brands were unable to identify precise KPIs and metrics necessary to determine a campaignʼs overall success. But all of these early users knew the potential of this fresh marketing strategy and were curious to test the waters.

Today, influencer marketing is a widespread marketing tactic that is quickly gaining traction. We are seeing new well-defined tactics and strategies being pursued such as long-term partnerships or “always-on” brand representation. This blogpost explains the five reasons why long-term partnerships are a win-win approach for both brands and influencers.

Forging Authentic Relationships With an Influencer

Identifying and selecting the ‘rightʼ influencers who are ‘perfectʼ for a brand to work with is a long, tedious process and involves a lot of time and resources lost – especially for brands who take on the challenge of running influencer marketing campaigns themselves. Forging long-term relationships with influencers gives brands a huge edge, as influencers are enthusiastic to produce authentic, meaningful content for their audiences.

Well-Defined Plans & Efficient Timelines

Working with either a handful or a hundred influencers means that youʼre liaising with a handful or a hundred business owners. All of them have their own working conditions, timelines, and schedules. Itʼs unlikely that a brandʼs ideal timeline will align with the influencerʼs. However, long-term collaborations ensure that your brand will know when and what influencers will produce and say for your brand.

For instance, you work with influencers for a six-month campaign; each influencer will create two posts per month that match your brandʼs marketing timeline. You would be able to brief them well in advance, send them all the products, and specify a posting schedule for each. Influencers will get the chance to study your products, gain a deeper understanding of it, and prepare an authentic story for their audiences. With this approach, youʼll know that youʼll have 120 pieces of authentic and organic content for your brand.

Clearly Written Contracts With Influencers

A lot of things can go awry when working with influencers; they may cancel last minute, disappear completely after a product is shipped, or a published post does not mention the product or brand wheresoever. Another benefit of long- term influencer partnerships is that these are forged with well-defined contracts that specify the scope of responsibilities and expectations from both sides. Factors that are included but are not limited to products, product shipment, posting timeline, key messages, payment dates, KPIs, metrics, reporting, and more.

Influencer Budgeting and Invoicing Is Made Easier

The rates for each influencer varies from person to person, and they all charge differently. You will deal with many types of invoices at different times of the day. Long-term partnerships allow you to deal with a streamlined budgeting and billing process, saving you all the headaches.

Artistic Freedom

Long-term partnerships allow influencers to gain a deep understanding of the brand they are working with. They will be able to accurately pick up the voice, mood, style the brand is after. This is of significant importance to the brand – as they get authentic, well produced-content while influencers will be free to play with their ideas and come up with creative stories that will win the hearts of their audiences.

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