Influencer Vs. Traditional Advertising for Beauty Brands


Brands in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia realize that beauty influencers are superior compared to traditional advertising. This blog explores the reasons why your brand should engage with beauty influencers today. It is not new news that beauty influencers are becoming a valuable asset for Thai beauty brands. Letʼs see how beauty influencers are effective and what makes them perfect for influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing Creates Trust and Reliability

Skincare products and cosmetics require a high element of trust as people are going to apply the product on their face and body. Beauty influencers contribute immensely to this area by delivering superior results compared to traditional advertising. These influencers have audiences or fanbases who depend on their recommendations.

Authentic influencers obtain a high level of trust because they endorse products that truly work, unlike brands whose aim is mainly to sell regardless of the product claim or quality. Authentic influencers whoʼve worked to build an audience over time, tend to have huge regard for speaking the truth.

Their followers have purchased products after hearing of influencersʼ recommendations – meaning that they really value their frank opinion. The element of trust is ultimately one of the main reasons that beauty influencers generate great ROI when compared to traditional advertisements brands themselves create.

Influencer Marketing Is Great At Storytelling

This method of marketing offers unique, integrated reviews in the form of stories and experiences. Consumers see the product reflected in the influencers they follow and make an unconscious connection. Real-life reviews are a strong point of influencer marketing as consumers relate to the products and services and see how they can be integrated into their lives. This makes it easier for them to choose whether the product suits them. This two-way communication really works compared to traditional advertising which uses a one-way approach in which brand tell consumers how good their product is. Brand affinity and long-lasting impact are best created with influencer marketing.

Beauty Influencer Create Authentic Content That Helps Sell

Beauty influencers create authentic content and express them in the form of stories. These generate high engagement making it super-efficient compared to traditional content strategies.

Matching a brand with the right influencer who understands and loves the product is the stuff of dreams because it is such an ideal partnership. Content created using the right influencers who match with brands will definitely help attract consumers and activate conversion.

Statistics show that influencer marketing really delivers. Numerous brands in Thailand with a firm market presence still very much use influencer marketing to drive sales. Thailandʼs prominent beauty brands have set out a large portion of their marketing budget to influencer marketing in order to drive awareness, engagement, and boost sales. In fact, Thai beauty brandsʼ influencer marketing budgets are soaring year after year.

Influencer Marketing Speaks To the Right Audience

Most marketers now know that influencer marketing is the winner when it comes to targeting consumers who represent a niche audience or demographics. Data-driven insights and technological tools available (Influencer House Link) allow brands to gain an in-depth understanding of their target market and see whether it aligns with influencersʼ followers. This is starkly different from TV ads and billboards in which brands have less idea of who theyʼre targeting and whether the people who see their ads are really interested in the product or care about what they have to say.

Influencer Marketing Delivers Real-Time Performance Insights

Social media influencer marketing excels in real-time insights and a variety of in-depth performance reports it can generate. Influencer Marketing allows brands to gain an in-depth analysis of their campaigns and help track influencersʼ performance. Performance reports are provided in real-time metrics that are useful for calculating ROI. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, is rigid and does not allow any room for a comprehensive performance-based analysis.

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