Influencer Marketing Mistakes Brands Tend To Make


Before the rise of Influencers on social media, marketing campaigns consist of hiring celebrities to endorse brands. Having a famous person well-liked by the mainstream audience was a common and popular tactic used to promote a product or service. However, influencer marketing goes far and beyond celebrities. This new marketing and advertising tactic take advantage of the power of human touch and trust, creating powerful brand endorsements with the help of social media platforms and creative content strategies.

As easy as it may sound, brands can easily make influencer marketing mistakes that cost them their ROIs and set their influencer marketing campaign off to a grim start. The following mistakes are typical but easily preventable.

Influencer Selection Gone Wrong

Influencers help take your brand message to distribute it over to a specific community known as the “target audience”. They are trusted and are looked up to as credible representatives of their niche following.

This means they can either make your brand stand out as a must-have. You need to cautiously identify the right influencers who match your brand image and target group. Choosing the wrong sort of influencers can make your brand come across as insincere and over-promotional, factors that will eventually minimize the success of your influencer marketing campaign.
Poor Briefing or No Brief

What to Avoid

Either is very bad because a lack of communication between the brand and influencer will result in confusion. Although influencers thrive when given creative freedom because they know how to attract their audience, brands still need to provide a comprehensive scope of work. Be clear and concise with campaign objectives, key messages, target audience, and how youʼd like the influencers to portray your brand.

Also include what they shouldnʼt say, how they shouldnʼt describe you, and offer straightforward directions about the mood, tone, and style of the brand. Influencers cannot create impactful content without clear guidelines coming from the brand.

There has a right balance between influencerʼs creative freedom along with a detailed brand direction. The campaign will perform successfully when both factors are implemented correctly.

Micro Influencers Play a Big Role

Brands tend to make a common mistake of going for popular influencers with large followings without considering engaging micro influencers. As a result, the brand will miss out on resonating with a specific audience they target.

Influencers with over a few thousand followers enjoy high engagement rates, forge a close relationship with their audience, and command high levels of trust. Brands need to understand that engaging a small but highly responsive audience is a useful way to drive traffic and boost conversions.

Being Uninformed

Influencer marketing is a competitive industry. In order to identify the most suitable influencers, your brand will need to conduct a thorough analysis of the metrics and what you stand to gain from working with a single influencer, or a group. Reliable influencer marketing tools with provide a thorough analysis of metrics vital to your influencer marketing campaigns.

The type of influencer who promotes your product or service along with how they communicate your message across will serve as a reflection of your brand image. It is vital to select an influencer based on quality over quantity.

Marketers should conduct thorough checks on their online presence. Be transparent, communicate your expectations and requirements early on. When performed correctly, this partnership will create incredible brand presence and experience for your target audience.

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