Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Thailand

Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Thailand

Influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand are among the most important tools for brands that are active in this region use. We have heard all sorts of horror stories brands can face when they decide to manage influencer marketing on their own. And as you might have expected, it usually doesn’t go that well. The reason is that running an influencer marketing campaign is complicated, stratified, and requires a lot more than creative input, influencer selections, and reporting. The reality is different. There are a lot of aspects to an influencer marketing campaign and it can vary from country to country.

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What’s Bad About an In-house Team Managing Influencer Campaigns in Thailand?


There are several reasons why you need a professionally managed service rather than dealing with the hardships of having your employees juggling the workflow of the whole project. One of those is the lack of proper resources available to brands.

At Influencer House, for example, we have a toolkit of the latest analytics, trends, market knowledge, and selection technologies that enable us to match creators with the brands with no strings attached. Our team of social media and influencer marketing rockstars has what it takes to deal with every aspect of each campaign without brands having to worry about the details.

Imagine having to dedicate one or two members of your marketing team who probably are more experienced in other areas of marketing and have them deal with a campaign that can go wrong at any moment. There are unexpected issues in any marketing or PR related campaigns. What counts is the ability and experience that enables a team of professional social media and influencer relations experts to deal with the unexpected.

Long story short, managed influencer marketing campaigns especially in Thailand and other parts of southeast Asia solve a ton of problems for brands and allow them to focus on other aspects of their marketing campaigns. This makes even more sense for SMEs with not a lot of manpower to support such an intricate process.

Do You Need a Traditional Agency, a Platform, or …?

Of course, the benefits of going to agencies that still use the traditional excel sheet approach to influencer marketing is constantly diminishing. This is where influencer marketing platforms started coming about.

What these platforms offer brands saves them a lot of time. By facilitating easy reporting and campaign monitoring perks as well as a comprehensive list of people to choose from, brands can benefit from automated and semi-automated platforms for their influencer marketing campaigns. But this is sadly not going to be the happy ending you were expecting for brands. These platforms have their own flaws and they can make or break businesses.

Influencers in these platforms are sold in hordes to clients with no creative support, proper campaign strategy, or modeling procedure. Most importantly no proper vetting to see whether they are actually aligned to the brand and their target audience at all. These platforms are full of people with no appeal to a niche and are mostly consisted of pretty girls and boys that promote things as long as they get paid.

How Do Influencer Marketing Fees Work?

If you are picky enough to even deal with those yourself by providing detailed briefs and vetting the influencers yourself (if you can even find the ones that are truly a match with your brand), then there is the issue with the markups and the margin for these platforms. Based on our recent study of different platforms in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, we realized that in most cases brands are paying these platforms more than they are paying influencers.

The markup is usually somewhere from 60% for macro influencers and well-known bloggers and YouTubers and up to 400% for micro influencers which is ridiculous. Add that to whatever management fee they are paid and it gets even worse.

At Influencer House we provide competitive fees to clients and that’s because the money you are paying influencers is going to the influencers only and you are not paying us on top of that without even knowing where your money is going.

Our management fee is fixed as others might claim but comparing what you get with them in terms of the number of influencers from the same following rage, quality of influencers, and the content they produce proves that you are getting a much better value with Influencer House compared to other platforms.


In this day and age, it is important for many brands to stay on top of the newest influencer marketing trends and practices to remain competitive. This requires reaping the benefits of professional fully managed influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand from platforms and creative communities like Influencer House.

Contact us today and consult our client service team and gain access to a demo version of our technology to see what Influencer House can offer your business first hand.

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