How Travel Influencers Are Making an Impact Post Covid-19

Travel Influencers Thailand

Travel is Back and Tourism is Booming. Hello Travel Influencers!

Remember those days before travel influencers? We all know too well those days when traveling was basically restricted. People had to quarantine at home. Entire cities were on lockdown. Such severe travel restrictions imposed by different governments around the world severely impacted tourism in Thailand and The tourism and hospitality industry suffered greatly. Even domestic travel was not spared, as authorities sought to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.

Currently, travel restrictions have been lifted while holidaymakers and tourists are flocking back to Thailand. From island hoppers to those who prefer trekking in tropical jungles, Thailand has got everything for everyone. Foreign tourists aside, local Thais are also traveling to destinations and attractions. Travel influencers are also back in action!

Travel Influencers in Thailand

It’s open season now for Thai travel influencers. Hotels, restaurants, spas, and other hospitality sectors in Thailand benefit from influencers’ endorsement of their venues. Plus, influencers have a human touch that hospitality businesses cannot pull off by themselves. Thai travel influencers are highly experienced in curating captivating content with engaging videos showcasing a luxurious hotel resort. They take amazing photographs allowing their audience to experience the hotel or spa in an interesting light.

A match made in heaven for businesses in the hospitality industry is to collaborate with travel influencers who really match their values. Whether it’s a hotel’s target audience, the vibes, or the message it wants to be communicated, identifying the right travel influencer is imperative. Also, this aspect is the hardest to pull off correctly. Businesses that go about contacting travel influencers on the fly just because they appear to look good are making a big mistake. The right way to approach this is by digging deep.

Meaning that Thailand’s hospitality sector should not take influencers at face value and in order for an influencer to successfully showcase the brand to his/her audience, many factors must be taken into account.

how to find the right travel influencers

First off, data is essential. Hospitality businesses need to know data-driven insights for each travel influencer, in order to gauge the potential for a successful partnership. Obtaining insights that delve into influencers’ interests and audience analytics can be done by working with a trusted influencer marketing platform.

Secondly matching brand values. This cannot be said enough. Influencers who truly match the businesses they’re promoting tend to authentically communicate this with their followers. When all of these elements fall into place, brands will see their ROI skyrocket.


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