How To Start A B2B Influencer Marketing Campaign

How To Start A B2B Influencer Marketing Campaign

Business-to-business or B2B influencer marketing is a type of marketing methodology that leverages the social media influence of an individual to promote a business to their followers. The influencer’s followers are usually within the same industry or field as the business, and they have a large number of followers. The most common type of B2B influencer is an industry expert, who has built up their social media following by providing valuable content for their audience.

B2B influencer marketing is a relatively new practice in the marketing industry. It’s not just about getting a celebrity or popular person to endorse your product. it’s about getting someone with an established following in your industry to recommend your product in a business-to-business setting. A lot of companies are taking advantage of this type of marketing these days. The reason is that it is cheaper than traditional advertising but has a much higher impact.

Differences between a B2C and B2B influencer marketing


The main difference between B2C and B2B influencer marketing is that B2C campaigns focus on consumers whereas B2B campaigns focus on professionals in an industry. B2C influencer marketing is more about the product and its features. B2B influencer marketing is more about the company and its services. In other words in B2C campaigns the brand or company will work with a celebrity or micro-influencer to promote their products. For example, a fashion brand might choose a model or actress to wear their clothes in a photo shoot. Whereas for B2B, brands will work with industry experts and thought leaders who can provide them with content that will help them reach their target audience.


As mentioned, B2C Influencers are usually celebrities or social media stars who have large followings of people who want to buy the products they promote. On the other hand, B2B Influencers are often respected experts in their field with large followings of their own. This means that B2B influencers might not have as many followers, but they are more likely to have an influence on their audience.


For B2C Influencers, the main goal is to produce viral videos that go viral on social media and encourage users to buy the product. However for B2B Influencers, the main goal is to build a community of users and generate leads. That is why B2B campaigns are usually held on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, instead of Instagram and TikTok that have much younger audiences.


Another main difference between B2C and B2B influencer marketing is that B2C companies use influencers to reach a wider audience. While B2B companies are more focused on an individual’s influence. In B2B influencer marketing, the target audience is very niche, making the campaign much more difficult to prepare. Also, measuring metrics for B2C campaigns is much easier. The reason is that B2B campaigns are more focused on raising awareness and targeting other businesses, and the target audience is of a smaller size, mostly the decision makers in another company or business.

It’s important to note that both types of influencer marketing have advantages and disadvantages, but what type you choose depends on your objectives as a business.

Tips On Creating A B2B Influencer Marketing Campaign

A good B2B influencer marketing campaign should have three main elements: the brand message, the content and the influencers. The brand message should be clear and concise with one key call-to-action. The influencers should be relevant and publicly verified. The content should reinforce the brand message and the call-to-action. 

The first thing that you need to do is find B2B influencers who are relevant for your business and will be able to relate with the target audience well. You also need to make sure that they have a considerable following on social media platforms where your target customers are present. The second step would be creating the content for the B2B influencer marketing campaign which should be compelling enough for people to share it with others in their business and consider your service or product. This will help you to get the maximum results out of your social media campaign. The third step would be to target your audience by posting on suitable social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube. You can also leverage the insights from your analytics to target specific audiences with different content in order to increase engagement rates.

There are three types of B2B Influencer marketing campaigns: in-person events, online campaigns, and video campaigns. Each of these types has its own benefits and drawbacks. In-person events are fun for the community and great for building relationships. However, they can be expensive and time consuming to plan. Online campaigns allow for a more targeted audience but lack the personal touch of in-person events. Video campaigns provide a way to include visuals and sound but also require a significant investment in time and resources.

Where To Start?

As Mentioned, due to its niche audience and the complications of its procedure, a B2B influencer marketing campaign is much more difficult to handle. Companies usually face issues finding the right B2B influencers. The reason is that they are quite rare and very specific to each campaign. Also, briefing and content creating is handled differently in such campaigns. Most importantly, brands need to make sure that their campaign does not look like a B2C campaign and has a unique and professional strategy.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that such companies hire a professional agency with enough experience in B2B influencer marketing, instead of relying on internal teams. A reputable agency can help find influencers that have relevant followers and are experts in the field. An agency can also guide influencers to create content that is effective according to the needs of the campaign. Afterall, low quality content reaching irrelevant audience is a major loss for the business.

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