Influencer Marketing Campaigns in 2021

influencer marketing campaigns in 2021

Influencer marketing campaigns in 2021 have grown rapidly over the past few years which led to a surge in terms of different influencer types, categories, and sizes. Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed social media and influencer marketing and has opened doors for brands to shift their perception of influencers in a much more creative and inclusive manner.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns in 2021

During the early days of nation-wide lockdowns, the influencer marketing industry underwent what could be called a creative cultural shift. With travel restrictions put in place, photoshoots suspended indefinitely, brands still turned to influencers to communicate to their target audience. Influencer generated content brought enormous authenticity, relatability, and engagement. But more than that, influencers were able to share their experiences during these interesting times and offer their opinions, recommendations, and insights on how to cope with the new normal in their own way.

Forging a sense of shared experiences was such a unique way to resonate with their audience. This goes beyond promoting a product. It represents resilience in coping with difficult circumstances in a creative, heartwarming, and fun way. Influencers can offer brands more than pieces of promotional content. In fact, they can be the central drivers of running successful campaigns.

As we all settle into 2021, the “new normal” far from over. We have compiled a few tips for brands to take into account for running truly meaningful influencer marketing campaigns. Because influencers aren’t merely content creators, they can be instrumental in creating cultural conversations and bringing communities together.

Influencers Can Lead the Way

Influencers can bring enormous value to the table in form of insights, ideas, and experiences. When their opinions are successfully merged with key marketing tactics, the results are authentic and groundbreaking. For instance, during the pandemic, audiences at home gravitated towards a healthy lifestyle. Statistics have shown that during this period, users browsed websites, and social media feed for useful ideas such as healthy baking recipes, indoor exercises, and DIY skincare hacks.

These activities were all spurred by influencers who showcased themselves baking, exercising, or demonstrating a technique on how to achieve the perfect brows during a lockdown. Influencers drawing on their own insights and experiences have helped shape key campaign messages that brands can leverage to target their niche target groups.

Turn Influencer Marketing Campaigns Into Your Advantage

Leveraging influencers to help transform your key messages can do wonders for your campaign. For instance, when Covid-19 took center stage, brands would do well to shift their key brand message. A snack brand might actually want to drive sales. But with the pandemic in full swing, they should consider working with influencers to pivot their objective from driving retail sales to sharing creative DIY tips. The influencer might share how she bakes the fluffiest cupcake using staple ingredients every home has with her followers. When influencer marketing is turned into a creative advantage it can do wonders for a campaign.

By experimenting with a variety of messages, insights, and opinions, brands will spot which element works best to drive their campaign forward. Test which story results in a preferred outcome. For instance, to encourage consumers to press the shopping cart icon, and buy the products, a few stories might be tested: influencers might share the long-term product benefits or they might talk at length about the urgent need for the product as a lifesaver. Two different narratives produce two different outcomes.

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