How Influencer Marketing Strategies Have Changed Post Covid-19

Influencer marketing post-covid-19 in Thailand

Unlike most digital businesses, influencer marketing did not face a downfall with the pandemic. On the contrary, market demand for influencers in Thailand climbed higher than ever. The worldwide lockdown surely did disturb businesses of all sizes. But, the influencers were still able to keep their platforms running even smoother than before since they were on the same boat as their followers. However, the brands working with these content creators had to redesign their influencer marketing strategies to match with the “new normal”.

In this Influencer House Blog post, we will be talking about best practices for influencer marketing post-Covid-19 and give you a few tips on how to achieve better results.

Post-pandemic Influencer Marketing Strategies

Want to take your campaign strategies to the next level? here are a few tricks that might come in handy.

Automate Your Search

Selecting the right figures for your campaign is the primary step. But finding your way through thousands of faces searching for a good match is not exactly easy. In fact, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to have them checked for not only relevance but also complicated metrics. The solution is to turn to intelligent platforms and let them do the hard work. Influencer House, with over 20000 influencers on its smart platform can help you choose the right influencers based on your campaign’s needs. By inserting only a few key data, you can find suitable matches and create your desired campaign influencer marketing strategies that guarantee the highest results.

Engagement, Not Followers

Another popular trend in the influencer marketing scene is overlooking the number of followers. Instead, you should focus on the efficiency of the channel. As a matter of fact, pages with smaller follower bases usually have much higher engagement rates. Plus, they are much cheaper and easier to work with. A great strategy would be to use multiple micro influencer channels to make up for one macro, with the same budget.

Use Result-tracking Softwares

Once the content is posted, the hassle only begins. Brands need to make sure that their campaign is reaching the KPI. For this matter, they check for likes, comments, shares, views, and a long list of metrics that determine the success factors of content with regards to communicating its message. This used to be done manually, meaning that an employee had to put a big portion of their time tracking all these metrics, often with frequent errors in calculating them.

But the time is over for such inefficient methods, as many brands prefer using software that does all the work. This practice has become even more popular during the pandemic when automated technologies developed more rapidly. Influencer House as a tech-savvy influencer marketing platform, can help with real-time result tracking of your campaign. Using our intelligent tools, you are able to evaluate your campaign and manage it for maximum results.

Look out for TikTok influencer marketing strategies

Unless you’ve been living under the rocks, you have heard about TikTok quite a lot during the pandemic. The video-creating app gained popularity very quickly, becoming the 7th most popular app of the decade. Not only has it been downloaded over 1.5 billion times, but it has a higher engagement rate than other platforms. The app is especially popular among Gen Z, the generation that has integrated social media into their everyday lives. The pandemic put more free time on Gen Z’s hands than any other generation. Known for their interactive and outgoing lifestyle, Gen Z had to go online to make up for what they were missing. Using TikTok challenges, you can prove to them how trendy and relatable your brand could be.

Some studies have shown that brands will miss about 40% of their social mentions if they don’t implement TikTok in their influencer marketing strategies. These should be enough good reasons to consider it as a powerful tool to spread your message.

All in all, the pandemic has added a new chapter to influencer marketing and things will never be the same. More and more brands are using these techniques to not only run their campaign more effectively but to also make their message more influential to their audience.

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