How Ecommerce Shops Are Using Influencer Marketing

Ecommerce influencer marketing in thailand

Just like any other business, Ecommerce shops need social proof too. With 92% of customers trusting individuals instead of old school advertising methods, many ecommerce shops decided it’s time to look into new options.

How Are Ecommerce Shops Benefiting from Influencer Marketing?

There are several ways the ecommerce stores can use influencer marketing. Here are 5 simple strategies to note down:

#1: Promoting Their Stores

Promoting stores, especially online ones, is the most straightforward and common way that influencers are helping ecommerce businesses. When having an influencer promoting a brand, it would be more convenient to talk about where it can be purchased as well. Instead of introducing a physical shop, nowadays influencers are linking their followers to online stores. This way not only they make sure they are properly promoting but it is also beneficial to the online shop.

If you are using this strategy, make sure you provide each influencer with a specific link so you can check the sales coming from their page and therefore evaluate the influencer marketing campaign.

#2: User Generated Content

This is a great advantage of influencer marketing that is sometimes overlooked. Many brands and shops struggle with finding relevant content that they can use for their platform that has the desired effect on the audience. However, shops can get the influencer’s consent to repost the content. This way, not only will you showcase your partnership with them, but you have more content to share on your channel.

Don’t waste the UGC though. Plan out how you want to use it. For example if there is a promotion coming up, keep the UGC for that time.

#3: Use Influencer Reviews As Testimonials

The testimonials section is the first thing a shopper pays attention to when looking for good quality products. However, getting the customers to take time to leave a comment can be tough for ecommerce shops. Here’s where influencer partnership comes in handy. Influencers can share their story and their experience with the shop or a brand so that you can share it on your platform for everyone to see.

Make sure you have given enough details to the influencer on how you want it to look like and what are the key messages of their review.

#4: Collaborate With The Influencers On Your Promotion

Everyone likes saving money when making a purchase. Discounts and promotions are among the oldest methods shops use to increase their sales. Why not add it to the next influencer marketing campaign? Customers trust the influencers with their recommendations, and a nice discount is a cherry on top. Specific discount codes for each influencer, as mentioned before, can help you with tracking the campaign’s KPI.

Furthermore, in order to encourage the influencer to make quality content, you can offer them a percentage of every sale coming from their side as well.

#5: Micro-Influencers

As mentioned several times before, micro influencers are the best options to work with for an ecommerce shop. Unfortunately, many brands are not very open to working with influencers with a small following. They fear that they might not be able to reach enough people. This is not true if you are working with a high engagement rate influencer. Another draw-back is that they can’t use the swipe-up feature if the follower size is less than 10000 users. But again, this is not a problem because viewers can still use the DM feature that acts as a closer bond between the influencer and its followers.

Be careful who you choose as your influencer. Some influencers seem to have a large audience size. But in reality, they are mostly fake accounts that they have bought. You can easily point it out if you pay attention to their very low engagement rates.

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