How Can Astrology Influencers Provide Market Opportunities?


Astrology, once an uncertain field to many, has now taken center stage in many people’s daily lives. This language of the stars has permeated down to our social media feeds, friendships, love life, and increasingly, the economy. The global astrology market was valued at $12.8 billion USD in 2021 and is estimated to reach $22.8 billion by 2031. The market shows an upward growth of 0.5% per year since 2017. Likewise, astrology has also gained popularity in Thailand in recent years. Thailand’s astrology market size is approximately 4,000 million baht per year and is projected to continue to soar. With that said, astrology influencers can be instrumental advocates who would open the door for your brand to enter this lucrative market.   

Astrology influencers are a growing sector in social media today. The emergence and adoption of digitalization have enabled them to provide mystical advice to people worldwide more easily. Astrologists provide certainty in an uncertain world and provide people with a sense of control over an uncontrollable world. They satisfy people’s curiosities. Therefore, no wonder people become more open and interested in astrology. 

Why should brands care about this current trend? Well, if brands can understand the interaction between astrology influencers and audiences, it will provide enormous monetization opportunities for them to capitalize on. 

What is Astrology? 

Astrology is a belief system that has existed for more than 2,500 years. It was developed before people had a clue how the Universe worked. Today, the majority of Gen Z and millennials strongly believe that astrology helps them make life decisions. From relationships to career direction, and even finances. In astrology, the sun represents a person’s basic personality traits, energy, and willpower. This observational science of astrology has been studied for thousands of years, since Babylonian times.  

Astrology sometimes has a way of getting people to be more attuned to their lives. Learning to understand the natural rhythms of the universe often makes people feel like they are part of something bigger. Astrology can significantly influence people’s self-concept, as well as encourage self-discovery to better help individuals understand themselves and their environment. Moreover, it also makes people live their lives with an awareness of self-reflection and increases their certainty about their personal attributes. 

However, there is no scientific evidence for astrology. There are no scientific methodologies that have ever explained how the movement of the stars and planets might influence human affairs and terrestrial events. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop people from seeking out online astrologists. Gen Z and Millennials’ astrology obsession has catapulted this ancient study to the foreground. It has commonly been used for social media captions, storytelling, and conversations. It also has sparked an entire category of meme culture such as B Blood Type (Thai meme). Astrology has become a source of fortune-telling and divination. The trend’s features are extensive. Therefore, brands should consider conducting astrology marketing in collaboration with astrology influencers.   

 Who Are Astrology Influencers?

Astrology influencers refer to individuals skilled in the wide aspects of astrology on social media. They create content based on their knowledge of astrology and share it on their social media. They offer astrology-related topics using innovative astrology techniques and delicately answer audiences’ complicated and difficult queries. To sum up, they provide audiences with a form of spirituality and expression, while teaching how celestial events of the universe might influence their daily lives. 

Astrology influencers have risen in popularity among Gen Z and Millennials. No matter what platform, there are astrology influencers sharing their insights with the younger generation. It’s often very hard to talk about personal feelings, and difficult to speak honestly about personal worries or dreams about the future. Astrology influencers help individuals to comfortably talk about their worries, and provide them with astrological insights and advice for their lives.  

Not only do astrology influencers provide mystical services for audiences, but they also provide powerful opportunities for brands. With brand collaborations or sponsorships, they can significantly help brands to capitalize on this trend, and reach niche target audiences more efficiently.  

Astrology Market Opportunities for Brands 

Astrology is going mainstream globally including in Thailand. It is actually fast becoming a beacon of light and guidance in many people’s daily lives. With the exponential growth in the astrology industry, implementing astrology marketing for brands is one dominant way to generate higher ROI using this fast-paced trend.

Astrology-themed Products or Services 

Incorporating zodiacs or tarots is one of the most common ways brands can tap into the astrology market. This is also a great method of attracting consumers because people love when brands relate to them on a personal level. Astrology-themed products or services will make consumers feel more unique and special. It can create a personal connection between the products and the consumers, since astrology, date of birth, and zodiac signs represent someone’s unique personality. Likewise, it may also provide consumers with the recognition that they long for, such as the feeling to be understood.

Creating astrology-themed products or services can crucially work in various categories. For instance, Dior, a luxury fashion brand launched an astrology-themed product collection. Dior showcased exclusive astrology-themed jewelry and accessory collections consisting of necklaces, scarves, shoes, bags, and more. 

Sephora, a leading beauty retailer and Spotify, a music streaming service also embraced astrology marketing into their business strategies. Sephora attracted consumers by launching zodiac-related beauty products, while Spotify offered personalized playlists based on individual users’ birth charts. Aside from these examples, astrology marketing can be used in other lifestyle aspects, such as home decoration, or even groceries. Broadly speaking, no matter what type of products or services your business offers, astrology-themed marketing can undoubtedly be used.

Astrology Applications 

Instead of launching actual astrology-themed products or services, another possible approach for brands is to come up with astrology applications. Thai culture is strongly infused with astrology. This includes but is not limited to palm reading, tarot cards, and other forms of divination. Many Thais actively rely on astrology for their daily lives: from career guidance, and romantic relationships, to setting dates for crucial life events such as weddings. With digitalization, offering holistic online astrology with a mystical approach can serve as another effective method of market entry. 

The most well-known astrology application Co-Star has achieved large revenues. It has attracted colossal numbers of global users since it was first launched by a small group of people in 2017. Within two years, it garnered more than 5 million users worldwide and secured around $6 million USD in investment. The secret of its success was personalization. They have gathered and analyzed information in such a way that users found it incredibly relatable and fascinating. 

Co-Star’s success has also undoubtedly been influenced by the internet and the development of social media. In Thailand, the internet penetration rate stood at 85% of the total population, and there are 52 million social media users today. These statistics possibly support the potential success of astrology-related ventures in the Thai market and provide ample opportunities for brands to profit.      

Tailored Products 

Another market opportunity is to target consumers with astrology-tailored products or services that best meet their needs and wants. Tailored products help brands meet consumers’ demands much more than products that are generally manufactured. Consumers tend to quickly make a purchase decision for products that give them a perfect fit for their needs and wants. Therefore, the strategy involving brands communicating the value of tailored products to their target customers is a sound one.

There is a wide range of product options fit for the astrology market. Some possible options are lamps, candles, incense, horoscope card games, constellation blankets and coasters, astrology books and more. However, before entering the market with tailored products, brands should think of their products as having a close connection with their target consumers. Consumers may use their products to seek solace in their lives, validate their self-concepts, as well as to increase their certainty about their personality traits. Thus, brands should endeavor to stay genuine, accurate, and constant when producing their products. Tailored products will pique target consumers’ interest and curiosity. While products specific to customers’ needs will naturally attract them. Such tactics can generate profitable market opportunities.

Collaboration with Astrology Influencers

All these astrology market opportunities can be more easily seized when working with astrology influencers. Brands can enter and position themselves in the market more efficiently when understanding the ripple effects of astrology influencers and utilize them appropriately. 

Gain Credibility and Trust

First, astrology influencers can help build credibility and trust. Astrology influencers can take their followers closer to the ethereal astrology world. Hence, astrology influencers’ words and speech have significant power to impact audiences. Brands will earn credibility and trust when their products or services are promoted by astrology influencers. 

Increase Sales with Astrology Influencers

Second, they help increase sales. Astrology influencers are mostly followed by audiences who love astrology and who would like to hear the latest news in this field. Their audiences will be more attentive to the products and services they use, and as a consequence will make purchase decisions accordingly. 

Reach Target Consumers

Third, they enable brands to reach the right target niche consumers. Astrology influencers can help brands reach specific niche consumers and tap into new markets more efficiently. Collaborations with niche-oriented astrology influencers will also positively affect brands’ image. Astrology fans love brands who interact with astrology influencers who are related to their niche, not just because they are popular, but owing to their relationship with influencers they relate to.

Professional Thai Astrology Influencers

There are many professional Thai astrologers who share their astrology insights and knowledge. These astrologers actively communicate with audiences on various social media platforms, and furthermore, work as astrology influencers as well. Brands should consider collaborating with them and creating content such as brand promotion, product reviews, brand sponsorships, and partnerships. Some of the following individuals are popular Thai astrology influencers who enthusiastically offer mystical services online.   

Mor Chang is one of the most popular astrologers in Thailand. He is well known for predicting monthly events. Mor Chang shares his insights with audiences about things to be careful of, and possible challenges they might face. He has worked with DTAC for several years, designing a lucky number search system and providing people with unique special phone numbers. His predictions are highly trusted by users, and more than 100,000 phone numbers have been offered.   

YouTube: @MorchangTv  

Similarly, Mor Luck is the “Ace” of Thai astrology influencers who has large followers on his social media channels. They highly engage with his astrology content and take his life and financial advice seriously. Billionaires, celebs and stars also significantly take his “Fun Tong,” or his iconic affirmations such as striking flags, advice, and follow his guidance. Mor Luck is also the author of many astrology and horoscope books. He is one of the most well-known astrologers in Thailand and runs his own astrology-related business.

YouTube: @thefuntong     

Mor Nok is another professional astrologer who has garnered large amounts of fans using her deep tarot knowledge and skills. She often collaborates with brands and generates good outcomes. Recently, she collaborated with Boonthavorn, a renowned Thai home and furniture company and created content on how to select home interior tiles to bring about good love.

YouTube: @birdeyeview1221 

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