Holiday Season Influencers Thailand: 2023 Trends to Look Out For


Holiday season influencers in Thailand excite most people around the country. People spend a large amount of money each year on holiday shopping to make their holidays more special and memorable. 

According to the statistics, people spend the most during the winter season holidays. Holiday season influencers in Thailand are considered to be one of the trend setters, for Christmas and New Year. These globally recognized holidays also make the most sales in Asian countries, especially in Thailand. More than 30% of survey respondents stated that they spend up to 3,000 Thai baht during the holiday shopping period every year. As such, winter holidays significantly contribute to consumerism in Thailand.

How to Use influencer Marketing in New Year’s Promotion 

For businesses, this is happy news. Since the holiday season has been commercialized to no end, brands can come up with influencer marketing campaigns to effectively impact shoppers to purchase their products and services during this period. 

But how should a business create successful influencer marketing New Year promotions? Indeed, how should brands encourage more people to make purchases during this winter holiday season?         

Work with Influencers to Get into the Holiday Spirit 

This is a great way to develop your influencer marketing campaign based on the spirit of winter holidays. With influencers, you can build your brand image to attract consumers on Christmas or New Year. Influencers can post pictures and use captions to make your brand look even more attractive to consumers during the holiday shopping period. 

Symbolic colors and decorations signifying Christmas or New Year amplifies the winter holiday thrills and reflecting this into influencer marketing will generate positive outcomes. However, you should be aware of cultural differences.

For example, Christmas is not really considered a holiday in Thailand. The majority of Thais are Buddhist. Therefore, Christmas is just a normal working day in Thailand. When you plan to run influencer marketing campaigns by displaying Christmas visuals in Thailand, you should distinguish that Christmas in Thailand is different from Western Christmas celebrations.      

Create Compelling Holiday Offers and Have Influencers Promote

Providing eye catching offers during the holiday season helps brands increase their revenue though influencer marketing campaigns. Announcing new brand promotions or exciting new year holidays offers can direct peoples’ attention to your brand page. 

To have influencers promote your product and engaging offerings will significantly increase your brand visibility. Influencers can play a crucial role in Christmas marketing campaigns. Moreover, allowings influencers to capture the audience’s interest through effective marketing campaigns leads to greater sales and revenue.  

Choose Precise Influencers and the Right Channels for your Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Holiday season influencers in Thailand significantly help businesses to achieve greater ROI during this season’s shopping period. However, the benefits for brands are obtained only when influencer marketing is utilized correctly. 

There are thousands of popular influencers in Thailand. To achieve your businesses’’ new year promotion goals and objectives, it is crucial to effectively engage with your target audiences. This requires you to choose precise influencers and the right social media platforms to launch your holiday marketing campaigns.


Before you work with influencers for your brand’s new year campaign, the most vital aspect you need to consider is whether these influencers and social media platforms align with your brand values. 

The advantages of using popular influencers and well-known social media platforms is that your brand will gain brand awareness and high visibility. However, high visibility does not always contribute to high purchases. Famous influencers normally have huge followers, and their posts often get thousands or millions of views and likes. Nevertheless, it is not a number game. 

To encourage people to actually purchase your product or service, it is more suitable to select an influencer who’s image combines authenticity and trustworthiness. A common mistake marketers make is to go for influencers with huge following without paying attention to their credibility. 


As a brand, you need to pick the social media channels that resonate with your target audience. For your influencer marketing campaign, you need to consider which social media platforms have the most relevant audience. 

In Thailand, Facebook and Line rank among the most popular social media platforms. However, younger audiences can be found on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Depending on who you want to target for your influencer marketing campaign, you need to narrow down your choices. Choosing the right social media channel for your campaign helps you to save time and money. This also enables you to run effective influencer marketing campaigns and get the best ROI.     

Influencer House in Thailand

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