Why gaming Influencers are on the Rise and Rise

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The gaming industry has undergone a lot of changes in the past few years. Gaming influencers has been on the forefront this change. The rise of online gaming and streaming was prominently evident during the pandemic especially in countries like Thailand. The rise of gaming skyrocketed in tandem with influencer marketing. During and after the pandemic, consumer behavior saw a lot of changes as well.  This also changed the gaming industry and influencer marketing.

Online gaming and influencer marketing have successfully merged and currently rank among the most promising forms of marketing and this is why gaming influencers are growing.

Who Are Gaming Influencers?

To begin with, gaming influencers or streamers, possess a huge following. With the emergence of a wide variety of online games to suit almost every type of audience. Therefore, the number of gamers has seen a steep rise. They are widely active on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and of course Twitch, where they entertain millions of people on a daily basis.

The demographics of active gamers have also evolved. Studies have shown that both men and women, actively follow gaming influencers. This phenomenon is reflected in the high number of followers gaming influencers enjoy compared to influencers representing other industries.

Gaming influencers earn a solid income and build a reputation among their large fan base. They also provide their followers with engaging content and activities, allowing their fans to relate with them on a much deeper level. Gaming influencers hold competitions, giveaways and many interact with their followers online. This creates lasting trust and loyalty among their followers.

Therefore, gaming influencers are the suitable creators who are capable of promoting various brands, products, and services to their highly active and loyal followers. This is because their followers are very segmented and come from all walks of life. Meaning gaming influencers’ followers are not merely interested in games but are also interested in other areas such as fashion, health, food, travel, and many more.

Gaming Influencers and Their Impact on Fashion Trends

At first glance, the fashion and gaming industries do not seem to bear any relation to each other. But the truth is that young gaming influencers are actively influencing fashion trends among millennials and Gen Z’ers. Because gamers and streamers boast a huge loyal following, their fashion sense and opinions have a large impact.

These people are the trendsetters of our generation. They are trusted for their fashion choices by their highly engaged followers. Leading fashion brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Moschino are at the forefront of collaborating with gaming influencers. From exclusive partnership deals, ready-to-wear collections, and various merchandise, expect to see more gaming influencers and games alike being represented in many different industries. This can include clothing, bags, shoes and accessories to other fashion trends.

The gaming industry consisting of unique avatars and characters is emerging as the frontrunner that will influence the future of fashion as a whole. Through creative product placement and unique storytelling, and even virtual reality, both game influencers and marketers will greatly benefit from this rapidly growing trend.

Game Influencers and Their Effect on the Health Industry

Game influencers are so powerful that they can make or break a brand. The health and fitness industry is a continuously emerging sector that has been able to attract consumers from the gaming industry. From health and wellness brands to supplements and fitness equipment, gaming influencers are becoming a key player in this sector.  This can create opportunities that other influencer categories and forms of marketing cannot provide. 

According to a recent YouGov study, streamers have the highest number of exclusive followers. This means that gaming influencers possess followers who do not follow any other influencers from another field. Around 12 percent of gaming influencer followers mentioned that they solely follow gaming creators. This number keeps on increasing and shows that gaming influencers tend to reach an “untapped audience” which is vital for health and fitness brands to capitalize on.

Gaming Influencers and Their Sway on the Food and Beverage Space

Gaming influencers, streamers, and professional e-sport games play an intriguing role in the food and beverage sector. This is a huge market and will grow rapidly. 

In fact, Thailand’s gaming industry has experienced outstanding growth. Studies have shown that the gaming sector grew by between 10 to 15 percent in the past few years. And this was before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. This surely means that the number of Thais who are into games is estimated to have increased two to threefold. In 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic, the number of game players in Thailand jumped to 32 million and generated over a billion dollars in market revenue.

Therefore, avid gamers can look no further than food and beverages to help keep them energized, content, and healthy whilst interacting with their virtual friends on a gaming quest.

Food and beverage brands can greatly benefit from this ever-expanding demographic by targeting gamers with food, drinks, and snacks that will help improve their functionality when playing. In fact, gaming influencers are the golden key to unlocking this vast opportunity.

Eating while playing and snack breaks are a combo for every gamer. Whether the gamer plays with a console or whether it’s a challenging game quest on a mobile phone, studies have clearly stated that 80% of gamers regularly eat or drink while playing.

Key Takeaways

In the digital space, brands from different sectors are capitalizing on the gaming industry. This market has a lot of potential and is growing every day .Thai gaming influencers, streamers, and professional eSports athletes are key to penetrating the gaming demographic. From unique sponsorships, collaborations, and partnerships, a plethora of exciting opportunities await brands and gamers alike in today’s world.

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