Food bloggers in Thailand: Food Campaigns 101

Food Bloggers in Thailand 2021

Not long ago, publishing your own recipe book and sharing your cooking secrets required a couple of Michelin stars. But now it’s the content created by food bloggers on social media that earns them recognition and audience. But what makes food bloggers in Thailand more unique and sought after?

With the ever-growing audience on social media platforms, food blogs are gaining their share of popularity. They all have their own viewers and are getting more every day. Be it the exotics food pictures and short “tips & tricks” videos or long and detailed cooking videos. A study shows that 82% of Millenials get their meal inspiration from food blogs online. By forming trust between these viewers and the bloggers, the viewers look up to them to plan their next meal. In other words, food bloggers have an influence on what their followers eat.

Food Bloggers Set the Trend

As mentioned above, food blogs are sources of inspiration for many viewers. New trends and challenges are rising every day on social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram Food blogs are no exception. As influencers and viewers try out the new recipes and share them on these platforms, the trend becomes even more widespread and seen.

For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, a new whipped coffee drink called Dalgona Coffee became popular. This drink first went viral in South Korea. Soon enough, videos and tutorials took over the internet. This new trend resulted in an increase in the demand of instant coffee in the market and the brands started doing special promotions by recruiting influencers to use their product in their tutorials.

Food Bloggers Make Your Table International

Only a decade ago, many people’s everyday diet was limited to the local dishes and occasional international recipes learned from cooking shows and cookbooks. Shifting from these traditional resources to online food blogs has changed our diet for the better. Using the internet, viewers have access to thousands of recipes from all over the world. the exposure may bring diversity and color to their tables. This diversity allows international brands to enter the local markets with their never-heard-of products, either through offline or online sales.

Food Bloggers Have an Impact on Your Diet

Nowadays, posting content and sharing recipes is not a food blogger’s only mission. With the wave of health and self-care taking over the world, food blogs with a focus on cleaner dishes are gaining more recognition. Health trends are driving people’s diets towards cleaner options. On top of that, many of these blogs teach their viewers how to plan out their meals and mention other aspects of health and wellness.

Many food bloggers choose to focus on special diets such as vegan, vegetarian and ketogenic. These blogs not only provide their target audience with new recipes, but they also inspire other viewers to try out these new and clean diets. That is the reason why they are becoming trendier day by day.

Food blogs in The Time of The Pandemic

The world-wide lockdown has restricted people from eating outside and increased the value of healthy eating. People have found themselves preparing three meals a day at home. Many of whom wouldn’t regularly cook or bake for themselves before. Some are even looking for budget-friendly recipes or other food preparation or storing techniques. This brings the food bloggers a new set of audiences. On top of that, food bloggers are experts in taking mouth-watering pictures and providing the most eye-catching content. Considering the increase in social media users during these times, these posts are receiving more attention than other types of content.

The Importance of Food Bloggers in Thailand

It is no secret that Thai people love food. Judging by the variety of recipes and colorful dishes, the food and eating culture has a long history in this country. There are dozens of cookbooks left from old times where you find everything about the royal cuisine and dining rituals. The diversity of ingredients and exquisite tastes are what makes Thai food not only popular in Thailand but also all across the world. For instance, Thai cuisine is one of the most popular international cuisines in the USA. Thailand, along with other Asian countries, has quite a reputation in food blogging. All these reasons are what make food bloggers in Thailand an irresistible choice for brands promoting their products.

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