Esport Influencers: Why Thai Brands Should Work with Them

Thai Esport Influencers

Esport Influencers are one of the fastest-growing niche markets for influencer marketing in Thailand and the rest of the world. With more than 200 million fans in the Asia-Pacific region, esports is projected to be valued at more than 1.7 billion USD come 2021. This makes it an influencer marketing niche with enormous potential. Esports for entertainment purposes is becoming more popular than ever as it has added a large number of gamers, streamers, and audiences to its ranks. In addition, esports Livestream events and tournaments are highly entertaining and exciting for niche gaming aficionados and mainstream audiences alike.

What’s more, esports influencers rank among the most authentic influencers out there. They create authentic, organic, and real conversations among their massive audience. Their online communities are highly engaged compared to mainstream sports influencers. Compellingly, their growing appeal among millions of generation Z fans are turning them into the latest superstars in the sporting arena.

Sponsorships and partnerships with esports influencers are of great value as this segment is the best platform to connect brands and consumers in an interactive way. Brands can benefit by maximizing their brand awareness, obtain a whole new league of consumers, and yes, boost sales.

Brands and E-Sport Influencers

Esports boasts a huge following who are highly engaged with all the ins and outs of the gaming world. It is projected that the esports audience worldwide will surpass 500 million in 2021. The actual number of gamers out there has skyrocketed to over two and a half billion in 2019 alone. Meaning that brands have the opportunity to connect with a large pool of diverse consumers.

Esports lovers and avid gamers possess a preference for certain types of games. Therefore businesses should actively look into the unique consumer attitudes of this niche audience in order to effectively connect with them.

A well-thought-out influencer marketing strategy would do wonders in terms of carving out new business opportunities through creative branded content. This is done by integrating product placement into the influencer’s live streams and content. Fruitful long term partnerships can include tailored collaborations with esports influencers in gaming tournaments, partnering with an entire esports team/club, or crafting a compelling branded content video.

Additionally, sponsorship collaborations featuring your brand on esport players’ jerseys, showcasing your logo in their stadiums, or even sponsoring one of their events will make for a memorable yet extensive display of your brand message.

Why It Works

Brands should seriously consider working with esports influencers as they generate authentic conversations. This in turn attracts a huge viewership who watch their favorite streamers and have lively conversations about gameplay strategies and discussions about almost every topic. Because unlike traditional sports, esports was conceived for digital and social media connectivity, giving esport influencers a stark advantage.

Esport fans observe, listen, and interact with their favourite gamers throughout the entire gameplay. This gives live-streams and lives tournaments the platform to generate tremendous authentic coverage. Channels such as YouTube allow players to stream their gameplay 24/7.

Esport influencers are therefore able to reach out and resonate with their audience who, at the same time are forging a connection and relationship with the influencers. This two-way communication tactic between players and their fans allows for meaningful, authentic conversations to take root. Live streaming is highly impactful and results in live engagement. Brands can tap into this opportunity to increase their mentions, spur authentic conversations about the brand, sponsor product placement, and elevate brand recognition.

Considering that esport players are live-streaming and interacting authentically with their audience on a daily basis, the opportunities for brands to leverage this phenomenon and add value to their brand organically cannot be emphasized. Viewers who tune in to esport live streams are able to make a fast decision whether to purchase a product in two or three clicks of a mouse.

A look into the future

Mobile phone usage has made it accessible to target an entirely new demographic, namely Gen Z’ers who participate in live streams by Esports influencers on their mobile phones. These young esport fans actively play games such as the likes of Call of Duty and Free Fire on their phones.

When it comes to sales, brands are increasingly targeting gamers to help push their products to generate revenue. What’s more, brands can connect directly with esports audiences by partnering directly with stakeholders who organize tournaments, leagues, and events. Mainstream brands with consumer products have found that their revenue kept on soaring year after year. Such is the impact of a well-rounded esport influencer marketing campaign.

With a local, regional, and global fanbase, esports is undeniably a fascinating market for brands to increase their awareness and recognition. A tailored, brand specific influencer marketing plan will go a long way to usher in increased revenue and long-term positive impact for your business.

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