How it works


Premier Influencers™ are Influencers who have achieved a full score on Influencer House’s thorough 7 step performance driven checks. These influencers have been vetted for quality, performance, and credibility. Premier Influencers have a high chance of clicking with your target audience and realizing brand’s ROIs and deliverables.

Solutions for Creators

Join a dynamic influencer community. Work alongside talented influencers across all channels, express your unique stories, and partner with even more exciting brands.

Log in to your dashboard and get a comprehensive evaluation of your social media account, so you can better develop your talent and enhance your performance.

We believe in transparent collaborations between influencers and brands. Influencers receive the most competitive rates and juicy opportunities from brands for long-term collaborations.

Influencer House invites successful local and international industry experts and influencers to conduct workshops and courses on the subjects of Creativity in Influencer Marketing, Storytelling Strategies, Social Trends, Content Production Techniques, Networking and much more. By being a part of our influencer academy you can take part in both paid and free workshops all around Thailand.

Influencer House’s groundbreaking vetting system helps you realize whether your content speaks to your audience in an authentic way. Our trademarked selection, verification and vetting system uses a unique combination of data analytics and assessment system geared towards identifying the authentic Premier Influencer™ through a 7-step process that guarantees results.

We conceptualize and execute the whole process from setting the right mood, locations, creative voice, scripts, content direction, cultural/geo strategic insights and product placement to the actual content production process. With our assistance, influencers are able to create powerful, far-reaching, impactful and authentic content that resonates with your target audience.

Become an integral part of our wide referral network. Build a solid presence in the ecosystem and receive all sorts of exclusive incentives and perks from paid, earned, and owned campaigns

Access brands from different sectors. Our platform gives you the chance to be discovered by brands that match your interests, brand affinity, and audience.

Take Part in Invite Only Events, Seminars, and Meetups – Branch out and network with successful influencers and brands in our exclusive gatherings.