Influencer Marketing Results in Higher Brand Awareness

Can using Influencers result in brand awareness in thailand

Brand awareness is often considered the first marketing goal. It measures how familiar people are with your brand and how well they recognize your business. Hence, the higher the awareness, the more people will be aware of your brand. Creating awareness for your brand is the primary step to capturing your target customers and building a trustworthy reputation. 

Increasing awareness about a product or service is not an easy process. However, influencer marketing is one of the best methods to help your brand succeed. No matter the size of the business, nothing can be more effective than influencer marketing to help increase a brand’s exposure in Thailand and worldwide. Thai influencers can help increase your brand’s visibility to new target audiences in Thailand. Influencer marketing also creates a positive impact for your brand which ultimately results in a high ROI.    

Why Influencer Marketing Works for Brand Awareness

Based on recent survey findings, more than 80% of marketers currently engage with social media marketing when they promote their brands. Around 50% exclusively use influencer marketing. These marketers believe that influencers significantly penetrate target audiences. 

Influencer marketing is versatile. Brands can greatly benefit from influencers who have dedicated followers on their social media channels. Influencers’ followers who actively engage with influencer content significantly maximizes brand awareness and recognition.

Influencer marketing resonates closely with audiences than traditional marketing involving famous celebrities and individuals. This is the current social media landscape trending throughout Thailand, Asia, and worldwide.. Research has shown that 70% of Thai teenagers who are avid YouTube fans, said they are inclined towards trusting influencer opinions over traditional marketing and celebrity endorsements.

The unstoppable rise of influencer marketing is backed by the strength of influencers’ followers and audiences who trust and admire them. There are many high quality influencers here in Thailand. These influencers can help amplify your brand’s awareness and recognition in Thailand.       

How Do Influencers Help Increase Brand Awareness? 

Instantly Reaching New Target Audiences 

Influencers possess a large number of followers on their social media. This means their thoughts and opinions are widely shared and highly trusted by their followers. Partnering with influencers gives your business new, large audiences to penetrate in the market. By having influencers promote your brand, you can effectively reach your new target customers.   

Influencers enjoy loyal followers. They often engage their dedicated followers with captivation content. Whether it is a brand endorsement, brand mention, or reviews, influencers have a reputable platform where their followers actively listen to. Influencers are viewed as experts and reliable sources by their followers. Therefore, influencers’ followers are greatly inspired by various influencer content and tend to make purchases based on their favorite influencer’s brand review/s. 

Create Engaging Content 

Influencers understand and recognize what kind of content their social media followers love to consume. They know how to create engaging content which draws their followers’ attention without sounding too much like a sales pitch.

Influencers are also talented at pulling emotional strings for a brand’s promotional content. Because their followers highly trust them, influencers positively utilize this loyalty to increase a brand’s reach. 

Influencers build and increase awareness through content posts and shares. They create promotional content for brands such as unboxing videos, product reviews, and how-to tutorials. Once they publish content on their social media channels, their posts receive lots of likes, comments, and shares. All of these social media interactions influencers’ followers and target audiences contribute to a high brand awareness and visibility. 

Long-term Collaborations

Partnering with influencers over a long period of time also gives brands a high opportunity to increase long term awareness. 

You should go for long-term influencer collaborations as it would bring a long term inflow of new target audiences. Influencers’ social media activities constantly attract new followers on social media. This enables a brand to be displayed to new target audiences and market segments. This all results in a high reach in the long term.

Long-term influencer and brand partnership is more authentic and trustworthy. Customers tend to be convinced much more easily. In short, long term influencer collaborations play a crucial role in driving brand recognition and effectively increasing brand awareness. 

How to Increase Brand Awareness and Sales with Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the key to increasing audience reach and sales. It ultimately results in greater ROI.  But how should a business go about increasing awareness and sales through influencer marketing? 

Understand Your Target Audience

This is the most crucial tip for influencer marketing. Understanding your target audience is the primary step you must take before you put your brand in the spotlight. This is a significant first step in getting influencer marketing right. It is also important to work with influencers who are authentic and have a deep understanding of their followers.

Businesses can foster a trustworthy brand image by collaborating with influencers who are relatable and authentic. A positive brand image significantly helps brands resonate with their target audiences.

Create Accessible Content Audiences Can Relate to

The relatability aspect is what makes influencer marketing so effective. Potential customers engage with content that resonates with their lifestyle and day-to-day experiences. 

For instance, influencers can weave a brand’s product or service into a content about their daily life over a period of time for target audiences to connect with. When audiences strike a personal connection to the brand, brand affinity skyrockets immediately.     

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