Buzz Marketing: Create a Conversation Around Your Brand


As its name suggests, buzz marketing is a strategy that revolves around attracting the attention of the crowd, including customers, business owners, and influencers towards your brand and what it has to offer. Essentially, this will generate a buzz and make your brand appear everywhere. This method is sometimes referred to as word-of-mouth marketing. The reason is that it’s through the discussion by customers and influencers on different platforms that the brand gains success. Be it a quote, an idea, or a simple marketing strategy that ignites the buzz, the uniqueness and freshness of it is what makes it bigger and keeps it going.

Keep in mind that Buzz Marketing and Viral Marketing are not the same. Viral Marketing is when a brand benefits from a single campaign going viral on consumers’ and influencers’ platforms. Whereas buzz marketing is a long-term strategy that can affect the audience’s feeling towards the brand. This means that instead of promoting your product at the right place and right time, you create a wave of online and offline conversations using methods like influencer marketing that may last a long time. This will gradually increase your brand awareness, website traffic, and eventually, your sales.

Why Word-Of-Mouth Marketing in Thailand is Functional

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

This is a very known term among marketers choosing influencer marketing in Thailand. The fear drives the consumers to take part in the conversations happening because they don’t want to feel left out. A good example would be the TikTok challenges that went viral in 2020. People started doing them because they wanted to feel like they were a part of this social wave created by other people or influencer marketing experts. By using this fear, brands can persuade social media users to buy their products.

Multifunctional Content

Unlike other marketing techniques, buzz marketing should work on multiple platforms at the same time. The reason is that the conversation beginning on one platform can move over to another. For instance, a buzz created over a campaign on an influencer’s platform like Instagram might be taken to Twitter by users for further discussions. Therefore, the buzz needs to be multipurpose itself. It must be suitable for not only common platforms but also others like websites and emails, PR, and social events. 

Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

Also known as the frequency illusion, this phenomenon occurs after you see a product or a post for the first time. The cognitive bias makes the viewer notice it easier and believe that it is everywhere. High frequency, in return, may be interpreted into better quality and higher worth by the brain. Therefore, when brands mix this strategy with influencer marketing in Thailand, the effect will be multiplied.

How to Apply Buzz Marketing

You can employ several techniques to create a buzz around your product in Thailand and many include influencer marketing:


The best way to create an early buzz around your campaign is to start it even before launching. You can build this anticipation by raising awareness of your products and what you have to offer, showing that it is a need to the consumers, and talking about how it’s gonna be different from the similar products in the market. You may use influencer marketing in this phase to get people to talk about your brand before using your product.

Recruit Influencers

If you are seeking success for your campaign, using Influencer marketing in Thailand is undeniable. Influencer marketing brings more ROI than any other type of marketing. In fact, over 90% of the marketers have found influencer marketing more effective, according to a survey.

Now, which tier should you go for? In order to raise awareness of your brand, especially if it’s still a small business, it would be better to go for Nano and Micro-influencers. Although these groups have a smaller follower base, they have a higher engagement rate and a more intimate relationship with their followers. You can offer them free or discounted items and trust that they will attract their followers’ attention towards your brand. At Influencer House, we can help you with creating and managing your influencer marketing campaign in Thailand so you can ensure your buzz marketing strategy’s success.

Early Customers 

Making your customers feel important is another great trick to try out in your buzz marketing in Thailand. This can be achieved by giving early access and/or discounts to a limited number of people and giving away free samples or products. You can put influencer marketing on the front line of this early access, encouraging influencers to write early reviews and even give their followers exclusive offers. This way, you will have a reasonable consumer base and exposure from day one.


Don’t forget the value of your loyal customers. These groups are waiting to support you with your new campaigns. Make them feel unique by giving them special offers. They are more likely to share and suggest your products or services to family and friends. Encourage them to write reviews and join your referral program and let them take part in your buzz marketing. 

Other Techniques

Sometimes the simplest ways are the best ones. Automated text messages, emails, and Facebook ads may seem a little outdated compared to influencer marketing. However, they are still effective and pretty cheap considering the engagement rate that follows. Use these strategies to maximize your audience reach, so any leftover consumer that influencer marketing techniques missed will be notified. This way, you can make sure that your buzz marketing campaign is going well.


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