A Guide to TikTok Influencer Marketing in Thailand


Influencer Marketing in Thailand has been growing significantly over the past few years and TikTok has become one of the most in-demand channels for brands and marketers to run their influencer marketing campaigns on.

Interested in TikTok Influencer Marketing in Thailand?

Unless you are living in a bubble or you have been living outside Asia or more specifically Thailand in the past few years, you should have at least heard of this new hugely popular social media platform that revolves around short clips with dubs or music in the background. With over 900 million users worldwide and more than 10 million users in Thailand, TikTok is the hottest thing in town and it looks like it’s here to stay.

As you might have guessed, there is a load advertising opportunities TikTok campaigns can offer to brands. Both in terms of influencer marketing or paid ads. This evolving creator community or ecosystem is becoming more and more interesting from brands especially the ones that are looking to engage Gen Z audience. There is a high level of authentic content made by people that the audience truly resonates with and it’s one of the best platforms to create viral content.

TikTok Marketplace

This is a newly launched platform that provides creator listings for brands to collaborate with. Brands are given the opportunity to search for talents based on different metrics such as interests, follower range, and location with the opportunity to see analytics from the creator accounts to gain a more in-depth understanding of their audience demographics.

This function on TikTok Marketiplace provides too big of an opportunity for brands to miss out on that’s why investment in TikTok Marketing in Thailand is predicted to rise 300% by the end of 2020.

There are limitations though in terms of what sort of data TikTok Market place offers compared to other social media platforms. It’s mostly in terms of average views and interactions which is not really useful to create targeted campaigns with as much precision as brands want.

Challenges Marketers Face When Doing TikTok Influencer Marketing in Thailand

So when it comes to doing influencer marketing in Thailand, TikTok is always a top priority, and knowing how TikTok Marketplace works is always an important first step. The purpose of the TikTok Marketplace is not to make money directly from influencer campaigns but rather to allow brands and marketers to contact creators and initiate collaborations in order to encourage brands to use well-performing content for paid ads.

One of the main challenges that marketers face is to determine whether a creator with millions of views for one video has the capacity to achieve the same targets and don’t end up with content with a fraction of that engagement. Measuring ROI has always been a challenge with these campaigns which makes the influencer selection process for brands a bit more rigid.

TikTok being a new emerging social media platform has the chance to make their data availability more interesting for marketers. In order to create enough confidence for possible investment and monetization TikTok needs to enable marketers to measure creator performance more thoroughly. Making their APIs more available to marketers which is not the case yet would allow brands to consider mass TikTok campaigns more seriously and invest accordingly.

APIs are programs that allow brands, agencies, and platforms to harvest detailed analytics from creator accounts. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have made this available to brands to a certain degree and we think it’s just a matter of time before TikTok follows the same path.

Challenges Creators Face When Doing TikTok Influencer Marketing in Thailand

TikTok has been under scrutiny in the west and most notably the US because of its origins from China and having Chinese investors behind it. This has made influencers and creators hesitant to migrate to this platform from other platforms like Snapchat. If TikTok succeeds in getting the right treatment from different jurisdictions like the US or EU, they will have a much easier time attracting more possible creators.

TikTok also recently opened a creative studio in California where they assist creators by providing the means for them to shoot videos similar to the model perused by YouTube a while back as creating TikTok optimized content can be a challenge.

It’s been said that TikTok functions and navigation can be too complicated for some creators and in order for them to perform consistently they need to invest a lot more time on content production and finding their ways around functions compared to platforms like Instagram or YouTube.

TikTok also pays attention to newbie creators which are another game-changers. New creators are able to rise the ladders of fame much easier than other platforms and become TikTok stars much faster than the way it works for other platforms like YouTube where the algorithm is more in favor of prominent creators rather than emerging talents. This is a great opportunity for influencers and creators on other platforms to try making a name for themselves with a new audience.

Using hashtags also enables creators to jump on board with different trends and understand what sort of trends or hashtag clusters are the best place for them to showcase their talents. Planning for new hashtags and trends and keeping a good eye on what are the new trends in town is the key for influencers to always remain competitive. TikTok notifies advertising partners (big brands) and well-known creators when it plans a new special hashtag which is also a plus.

Tiktok also enables creators to interact with the audience through comments to create more engagement and sow seeds for new trends and social media conversations around brands, products, or services.


Influencers and brand collaborations on TikTok is a match made in heaven regardless of the challenges both parties face in terms of metrics and UX/UI design.

At influencer House, we have thousands of TikTok creators on our platform from all over Asia and most notably Thailand. We assist the influencers by helping them with content ideas, angles, scripts, and content production services to make sure they deliver flawless results to brands.

Our AI-powered Premier-Influencer technology employs video recognition, performance history, brand alignment, audience analytics, and many more factors to offer brands the best matching talents for their campaigns.

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