4 Instagram Trick For Influencers And Creators

instagram tricks for influencers

For a KOL on a social media platform, knowing the way around the app is absolutely essential. In order to engage your audience and create excitement on your page, or to draw attention to your latest posts, all you need is a good knowledge of Instagram features and how they can be used to your benefit. In this article, we will review 4 simple Instagram trick for influencers.

Instagram Trick #1: Try out the countdown sticker on stories

This Instagram trick might seem trivial and not very useful at first. However, there are many ways it can be used on your page. Here are some examples:

  • Countdown before the launch of a new product you are collaborating on
  • For announcing the start of a promotion or a giveaway on your page
  • Using it for creating anticipation for an Instagram post or a vlog

You can easily set a date and time for your countdown and give it a title. Then you can put the timer sticker anywhere on the story. Make sure to put an attractive background for full effect!

Instagram Trick #2: Create a fun AR filter of your own

The AR filters used to be created by the developers only, but these days, anyone can experiment with it and share their work of art with the world. Of course, it is still quite complicated for influencers and creators to customize, but it surely is a highly effective Instagram trick that can step up your influencer game.

One smart way to use it is to collaborate with brands to create branded filters. For instance, if you are working on a lipstick line, you can put shades of the lipstick for people to try. Or in the case of a clothing brand, you can add the items to your filter so it reaches your audience. You may even challenge your followers to take pictures with your customized filter and add them to their stories!

Instagram Trick #3: Hide your hashtags

For influencers on Instagram, it is an ongoing dilemma whether to use hashtags on posts and stories or not. Hashtags are powerful tools for discoverability, which is what micro-influencers are looking for. Moreover, using this feature, you can join a community and have your content appear next to other influencers with the same hashtag. On the other hand, it can make your content look too promotional and unattractive to the audience. Due to this drawback, many influencers skip this important step so their content looks more organic.

So what do we suggest? Here is the Instagram trick for hiding the hashtags from the sight. If it is an Instagram post, you can always move the hashtags to the first comment. This way, it won’t be visible to the followers but still gives you the benefits of having them on your post. For Instagram stories, however, you need to put a bit more effort, by layering the hashtags with stickers and other Instagram stories elements.

Instagram Trick #4: Encourage your followers to donate

Instagram stories have many stickers to try out to make your stories look more fun and engaging. From quizzes and polls to branded stickers, all could spice up your content and help you express yourself better.

However, we want to bring up a less known Instagram trick that has a slightly different use. Non-profit donation stickers are official features that can be added to your story. Once you select the stickers, you will be provided with a list of official organizations to choose from. You may then customize the name of your fundraiser and add it to your content. This way, you can encourage your community to give and have your audience participate in an act of kindness.

With the 4 mentioned tips, you can diversify your Instagram activities and stand out among other influencers. But that is not all. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks in our next magazine posts!

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