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Influencer House is a platform to run top-notch fully managed Intelligent influencer marketing campaigns fueled with the latest technology and creative trends in Thailand and beyond. We seamlessly combine creative storytelling with the right influencers that we call Premier-influencer TM into a 360-degree one-stop solution that truly delivers. Our platform houses more than 20,000 influencers and content creators from different categories of interests from all over South East Asia. 


AI Powered Real Time Data Measurement

Influencer House’s fully-automated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning backed technology offers wide-ranging solutions to maximize your brand impact. Our Real-Time data measurement and reporting feature allow brands to easily keep track of their campaigns. Each influencer’s performance is represented in real-time through metrics such as unique reach, impressions, and much more.

Sophisticated Anti-Fraud Technology

Influencer House’s platform deploys an in-class AI methodology that effectively screens and filters out fraudulent influencer profiles. Our technological capabilities are designed to protect your campaigns from malicious actors and fraudulent activities. Our platform detects any sign of false engagement, fake followers, or artificial engagement. Our Premier-Influencers™ are vetted through a diligent trademarked evaluation process.

Secure & Transparent Payments

When it comes to processing payments, Influencer House’s platform operates securely and transparently. Our algorithm calculates influencers’ payments based on a performance-based model. The system will check and confirm that influencers have completed all their assignments in accordance with the brand’s guidelines and objectives. After that, payments will be automatically made to influencers.

Unparalleled Performance-Based Campaigns

You can also discover the right influencers for your brand by filtering them based on their location, interest, brand affiliation, sentiment, and much more! We are a hybrid influencer platform with a powerful creative meets technology mindset. Our team of professional influencer experts develops creative concepts, strategy, and direction for your brand. What’s more, we fully manage your influencer campaigns from start to finish.



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